if you ain’t first, you are last.

Famous last words.  My apologies for the lack of posts this last week.  I’ve been working nonstop, then did a spur of the moment mini-vacay to Alabama to see some friends.  I know you mised me.  For today’s Saturday inspiration, here is a sign I saw in a store window in my little town. 

Optimism can take you anywhere.  Preach it, Jake.

In other news, I won a giveaway on my friend Kim’s blog.  So ironic, especially since she was the winner of my last giveaway.  So cool I know, and I pinky promise it wasn’t rigged.  I won myself a BondiBand and am so excited!  The hard part will be picking which one to get. 

Speaking of giveaways, Cassie from Always a Blogsmaid, Never a Blogger is hosting a giveaway this month.  Head on over and sign up for it.  She is such a fun girl, and always has cool adventures to tell.  I promise you’ll like her, so go stalk, but don’t enter her giveaway tooooo much, because I wanna win!  🙂

Oh, and here is a picture from my shopping trip with my best friend this past week.  I came out and this was on my door.  True friendship, lemme tell ya.

I’ll forgive her…this time.
Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “if you ain’t first, you are last.

  1. You're so awesome! I swear the give aways were not rigged too. I even was like oh crap these people are gonna think I rigged mine since YOU won. But oh well. I am glad ya did! Love that chalkboard…. and don't fret… you're pretty dang cool!

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