Bondi bands and bricks!

I just love my days off.  They almost always consist of sleeping past ten and needless to say I always wake up feeling super refreshed.  I spent the first of my morning cleaning up around the house and preparing some meals for the week.  My kitchen looked like it was straight from Chopped. I had chili brewing in a crockpot, shrimp grilling on the stove, and chicken grilling in the skillet.  I was all over the place, but I’ll be thankful later this week when I can grab it and go.

After taking an afternoon catnap and blog stalking, I trekked over to the post office to see if I had any new mail.  Sure enough I had this envelope waiting for me:

It was a package from BondiBand.
In case you didn’t know, I won a giveaway from my friend Kim’s blog.  I got to pick any BondiBand I wanted and it was all mine.  After narrowing down the choices to my top 20, I did about 78 rounds of eeny-meeny-miney-moe to finally end up with this one:
Live, Laugh, Run.   Just not at the same time.
I was super pumped because I’ve been waiting for it and dying to try it out.  Since today was the first day of using it, I don’t feel like I can do a proper review just yet.  But stay tuned because I’ll be sure to let you know how awesome it is. 
It makes me look semi-cancer patientish, but I do love it!
I went on a 3 mile walk with my momma this evening and yikes was it hot.  We even did Chesnut Hill and the humidity was killing me!  After coming home, I was feeling super motivated, so I hopped on my bike and put in a quick 5 miles.  I’ve been reading lots of blog posts about “brick” workouts, so I tried it tonight.  Sort of.  I did my 5 mile bike ride, then opted for a 1 mile run.  I did the mile in under 10 minutes, but I felt like death.  Legs were on fire, and my lungs were collapsing. 
At least I came home to a bowlful of chili and this baby:
Mmm, watermelon.  We’ll consider this my upperbody workout today.

3 thoughts on “Bondi bands and bricks!

  1. twinners!!!!! loved your comment girl. yup headed over to target today for that sweet find. I actually have a lime green one in my closet too. haha. that is the biggest watermelon i have ever seen in my entire life. HUGE. oh. and no worries that I am a super stalker and zoomed in on your mail so that I could see the town and then google mapped my mom's house to that town to see how far it is. no worries at all. that is totally normal. i promise. anywayyy. I am visiting Louisville from 9/4-9/26 so maybe we can make some magic happen. we shall see. i HEART bondi bands and that one is AMAZING. okayyyy. and here is what I did to figure out the search stuff: go to the dashboard. and then the stats tab. and then "traffic sources"…scroll to the bottom to "search keywords" and there you go!

  2. I have a hairband that I have said makes me look like a cancer patient. I tell myself one day I probably will get cancer and I can use it for that.

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