ice ice baby!

Last night, I charged my Garmin, laid out my clothes, and set my alarm to get up relatively early.  This morning, I was up by the first alarm and rearing to go.  I knew that I wanted today to be a “long day” to help kick off official half marathon training. 

Ready to go! 
I drove to my usual starting spot and walked .75 miles to warm up, then began to run.  My legs felt on fire at first and burned deep.  I told myself if I could just run for 5 minutes then I would allow a walk break.  5 minutes came and went and I got in my groove and just kept going.  I ended up running 2.35 miles before getting back to my car.  I felt sooo accomplished and even more motivated knowing that I was about to go meet Big Sis for another run.
Sis and I decided to walk some more for her to warm up, so we walked 1.39 miles down the “old road” in Townsend.  Once we started running, we were unstoppable.  Usually when we run we are dying and can’t talk or breathe or move, but today we were talking and laughing and had no desire to walk.  It felt GREAT.  We ended up doing about 3.5 miles before quitting so she could get back to the kids. 
As if I hadn’t done enough, I joined my mother for our daily 3 mile walk on the bike trail.  So all in all, I did about 9.6 miles today.  To celebrate, and to feel like a “real runner”, I came home to take an ice bath.  I’ve been reading a lot about them and everyone says they are important for recovery after long rus so I gave it a try.
Step 1: Get the ice.
Step 2:Get in.

I filled the tub with cold water first and got used to it before adding in the ice.  I’d reccomend you doing the same.
Step 3: Distract yourself.  (The newest edition of RW came today, so I started reading)
Step 4: Get warm.
Don’t pretend you don’t like my houseboots.  I came out of the tub freezing.   I probably won’t know until tomorrow if the ice really helped, but my legs don’t feel tight like they normally do after a long day.  Fingers crossed that I’ll be pounding the pavement again tomorrow morning.
Happy Monday!  Do you have any big workout plans today?  Have you ever had an ice bath?  Did it work for you and you have any tips?

3 thoughts on “ice ice baby!

  1. You rock!I have only done "ice bath" one time and that was after running Cades Cove…we sat in the river… so refreshing! I got my RW Saturday… not the best issue (IMO) but I still love reading it.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those houseboots!!!! amazing! i think I am the only one in blog world still too afraid to try an ice bath. I gotta get on it 🙂 great miles today!

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