what the heck, Beck?

You guys may or may not already know that I’m a huge kickboxing fan!  I love it, and it was a major form of cross training for me when I was training for my half marathon this past spring.  A few days ago, a friend of a friend contacted me about coming to try a new boxing class in Middlesboro, KY.  I was a little hesitant at first since its a little out of the way, but I recruited a friend and we took the trip to see what the fuss was about. 

Before going, I did a little research on who our instructor would be.  Apparently he was Owen “What the heck” Beck and is a world heavyweight champion in boxing, and read: pro.   Geeez, were we scared.  After finally finding the place thanks to the expertise of Garmin, we met up and headed inside for a good two hours of boxing.  We did a brief warm up then put on some gloves for some impact hitting. 

Five points to whoever can point out my sweat!
My good friend Chelsea came too and really outdid herself.  She recently began running 5k’s and this whole cross training thing was a little new to her.  Her dainty self wasn’t used to being all rough and tough but she kicked boxing butt and even smacked Owen around a little bit. 
Let us all pretend we don’t see my back reflection in the mirror.  We love to sweat!
All in all it was worth the little trip and we sweat enough to fill a baby pool.  I left feeling refreshed and really feeling like a fighter.  It really made me miss boxing each week, but hopefully soon I’ll be back into it. 
Bob, the perfect boyfriend because he makes Chelsea look tall.
Following the boxing sweatfest, Chelsea and I swung by Calhoun’s to replenish ourselves with carbs of course.  Best friend Ashley just happened to be there too and joined us in rehydrating.  We kindly asked our waitress if she would bring us different kinds of glasses and a pitcher too so we could properly refuel our H20.  Mmmhhhmmm.
We got this pretty just by drinking water.  You should try it.
Absolutely could not stop laughing at Chelsea’s “nose job” impression.
Did you have a fantastic Friday? Have you ever boxed before?  Do you drown your body with water after a hard work out?

1 thought on “what the heck, Beck?

  1. Uhm, awesome! I totally wish I didn't have a big girl job and big girl life for one day…yesterday would've been that day. Bummer. Looks like a blast. Oh and shoulder sweat…the best!

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