Run three, work one!

You may already know that I belong to our local track club, the Knoxville Track Club.  Throughout the year, the KTC hosts several races and is extremely influential in my community.  KTC even won 2nd place out of over 1000 teams last year at Hood to Coast.  Last night the KTC hosted the Pigeon Forge Midnight 8k race.  I ran this race last year, but didn’t feel comfortable running it this year due to heat and the time of day.  I opted to volunteer instead!

The motto of KTC is to “Run three, work one”, so that every race will always have an endless supply of volunteers and that everyone who runs races can experience “the other side”.   I signed up to work the registration table handing out bib numbers and also at the finish line.  It was my first time working the finish line and believe me when I say that it is a whole different ballgame. My job was to clip the timing chips off of the runners’ shoes and I was sweated on, spit on, and used as a handrail for people to catch their balance on.  But, wouldn’t change it for the world!

Finish line volunteers!
I’m not sure if you are involved in your local track/running club, but I would highly encourage you to step outside the running comfort zone and work a race.  You get to meet the sweetest people and give back to those who always help you during your races.  A great experience and I can’t wait to volunteer at my next race!
Wouldn’t you want me to cut the timing chip off your shoe???
Have you ever volunteered a race before?  Any horror stories?

1 thought on “Run three, work one!

  1. so awesome!!! that you volunteered. I REALLY want to volunteer at a race but the only one I have tried for so far did not work out…hopefully I can find another one here soon…it seems fun!

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