morning sweat

I’m such a boring person and have nothing to post about today other than the fact that I slept in, went on a 3 mile walk with my momma, and worked a closing shift.  Go me!  I still can’t decide if I prefer to get my sweat on in the morning or the evening, but I better be picking because I have a 5 mile run slated for tomorrow.  And by 5 mile run, I of course mean that I walk a mile, then attempt to run at least 3 miles of it, then walk some more.  Yes, go me. 

I be looking good up in hurrrr.
How was your Tuesday?  Any big workouts or races on the schedule?

2 thoughts on “morning sweat

  1. loookinggggggg goood. i definitely like morning workouts better but i hate waking up for them. but still…i am way more likely to get my workout in if i do it in the am. like today. didnt wake up. have already talked myself down from 6 to 5 and now 3 miles after work. by the time i leave it may be 0. haha. running the dash for donation 5k on saturday in honor of rachelle's brother!!

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