pool palooza!

After getting off work tonight, I took some of my leftover cookie cake to my nephew and nieces then took them swimming!!  The water felt perfect after how hot it was today and the kiddos convinced me to do a front flip off the diving board.  After lots and lots of practicing and chickening out, I finally did one, and gracefully busted my back on the water.  Painful! 

Then we had jumping competitions, hold your breath competitions, beat each other to the other end of the pool competitions, and all sorts of other fabulous things!  Pool palooza for sure!

My girls. 
Of course we had to document our diving board skills too. 
Nubbbbbby leg.

Halli is rocking the “air style”

Sophi is keeping it classy with the pencil.

Then Kinsi brings up the rear with a cannonball.

I can’t believe the kids are already back in school.  Summer has flown by and I feel like I haven’t seen them at all!  Boo.  Maybe I should pay more attention to them when we are in public places because check out the sign we have at my work:
Every business needs this.
Did you have a wonderful Wednesday?

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