Monday Mojo??

After Saturday’s big fat fail of a race, I was left feeling discouraged and let down.  I went home in a depressed state feeling defeated.  The rest of my Saturday was spent napping, eating, and napping some more.  I finally had the energy to ride to church to help my mom clean some, but still felt completely exhausted and ill.  I’m not completely sure if it was the aftermath of getting sick at the race, being tired from the previous night’s activities, or feeling bad about not living up to my 5k PR, but whatever it was, I had no mojo. 

Most of you don’t know me in real life, but I’m rarely one to NOT be happy.  I laugh about 97% of the time and am often known for being TOOOO happy.  This depressed feeling just wasn’t working for me.  I spent all of Sunday and today gorging myself with as much artery clogging food I could get my hands on.  It was my way of punishing myself for not living up to my self made fitness standards. 

I know that punishing myself is not the answer and can be harmful both on a physical and mental standpoint, but I just lost my mojo and didn’t know what to do.  I’ve decided to start fresh tomorrow with my clean eating and marathon training plan.  Just because I fell off my horse doesn’t mean I can’t hop back on.  I’m hoping to put the weekend behind me and not worry about my shortcomings.  I’ve came so far this year and need to really dig deep to find the same inspiration that allowed me to lose 57 pounds.  I know I can do this, I just gotta find my mojo.

Have you ever punished yourself for not accomplishing goals?  Have you ever lost your mojo?  What did you do to find it and bounce back from a slight slip up?

2 thoughts on “Monday Mojo??

  1. kelsey!!! i can definitely relate to this. its so crazy because when things dont go the way we want them too…at least for me…sometimes it is easier to just say "I give up for today…its not worth it." Every now and then we have day or days like you described but it sounds like you allowed yourself the time you needed and are ready to get back on track! when I need to get back on track I usually make some new goals, try some new activities, make a plan, etc. I like to "start fresh" every now and then!

  2. Hey there! I just ran across your blog and was reading it for the first time today. I too am in the process of losing weight and running my buns off. I typically don't comment on blogs of people I don't know…but I just wanted to tell you to BE NICE TO YOURSELF! LOL Easier said than done I realize because I'm the queen of being to tough on myself! But when I see someone else doing it…especially a pretty young lady like you who has accomplished so much…I feel the need to speak up.First of all that 5k was NOT a failure!! 33min is a very respectable time! I haven't broken 35 yet. Second, sometimes we can't control the way our body reacts to an environment or stimuli. Maybe it was just too hot for you, or your body needed more water or fuel…who knows!Bottom line…DO NOT let slip ups in your eating or one "bad" race knock you down!!! Take it in stride….Even if you only make one healthy choice today or take a slow walk instead of a run…you've still done something and more than you were doing prior to your weight loss! Give yourself some credit!!HUGS!!Liza

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