making up for lost time.

Don’t hate me over the fact that I’m blowing up your Google Reader right now with my posts.  I’m just making up for lost time since I haven’t blogged since Monday.  Speaking of Google Reader, how does that even work?  The blogs I follow show up on my Blogger, and then I have a mental list of self-hosted websites that I always stalk daily.  Is there a way to compile them all?  Lemme know!!

So today I had to substitute teach for 7th grade social studies.  We had a fire drill.  It was hotter outside than it was inside the buring building, even though nothing was actually burning.  Okay, that wasn’t funny.  Anywho, I spent the day writing, rewriting, and editing training plans.  I searched and searched and threw away enough paper to save about 14 trees with me scribbling and messing up and changing my mind.  I eventually picked one “real” plan, then just tweaked it to work for me.

Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon for both Novice and Intermediate.
I purchased some calendar paper yesterday at Hobby Lobby, so I used it to write in all my projected workouts.  Obviously, I won’t be following what I wrote down to the exact T because I’ll be listening to my body and I’m sure there will be days when other plans arise and I simply won’t be able to devote that day to the anticipated work out. 
Nonetheless, I’m happy with what I finally have written down.  I’m not sure it is right or it is what a professional would suggest, but every week is different on my plan, and I included a lot of walking in my plan because we all know that I will be doing a run/walk for my fall half.  Don’t judge.  I’ll go over more in detail what the plan actually involves later this week, so stay tuned.
FINALLY complete!!
Do you follow a training plan?  Do you get yours from a book/online or do you make your own? Or both?  Do you find that you actually stick to it, or go by feel throughout the whole process?  What works best for you?  I’m dying to know!!

3 thoughts on “making up for lost time.

  1. I suck so bad. Girl, it's been a bad week for me. I'm sorry. I was suppose to send you my HMT and I swear I have it. 😦 I see you have a plan BUT if you want mine, tell me. I promise to share. I miss you.

  2. awesome!!! i love how creative you were with your training schedule. i have a training plan and I follow the LRs and the general idea for what I was hoping to do every week but i hardly ever get the workouts in on the days i said i would!

  3. Thanks for finding me Kelsey! Right now blogger isn't let me 'follow' people, keeps saying to try again later Grrrrrr. Its amazing how very different the Women's 1/2 and Huntsville 1/2 are. I'm sure living in Knoxville gets you used to hills, but alas they still suck!I wish I had the dedication to make out a plan like you do with workouts, unfortunately I just do what I feel like when I feel like it haha.

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