I spent last night at my good friend’s bachelorette party!  She’ll be getting married this weekend as I’m part of the wedding, so it was only appropriate that I showed her a good time.  Unfortunately, no pictures were taken, so you’ll just have to mentally visualize all the fun us girls had.  You can see what my hair looks like when I take it out of my daily french braid though:

What up Curly Q?

Fierce.  I know.  This week is going to be really hectic for me.  I’m gearing up to start training for (gasp) a full marathon in the spring.  I’m not sure if I will ACTUALLY take the plunge and sign up for the full, but at least my body will be prepared if I get brave.  Yay!  I  am taking advantage of my friend Kim’s guest pass at her gym to take a few classes.  So pumped because its been tooooo long since I’ve taken classes at a gym. 

The Walk also starts on Wednesday night.  That’s the college ministry at a local church.  Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kids fill their massive church each week to worship and fellowship together.  They sure know how to treat us poor college kids.  Sooo looking foward to it.  Oh, and I substitute each day this week!!  Yay for being a pretend teacher!


Okay, that’s all I have to say today.  Boring, I know.  Tomorrow I’ll be reporting back about how the first day of training went.  I have a LONG WALK scheduled.  Walking is exercise too so don’t judge!!

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