get it, girl

After getting a full 10 hours of sleep last night, I was up and at ’em this morning.  I had a great day subbing today at school.  I put my cute clipboard to good use and attempted to look fashionable while donning the school colors.

Monogram and a bow?  What more could a girl ask for?

This is fashion, right??
Oh, and about 10 minutes into class, the kids informed me of the “good drawer”.  Basically, it is a drawer of random candy that they get if they are good.  Or in my case, that their teacher eats when she wants to be put in a sugar coma.  I only ate 3 jolly ranchers, so feel free to clap for me!
Why so tempting????
Now that we have all pretended that I’m a reasonably fashionable and awesome person, lets get down to business.  I left school and met my awesome friend Kim at the gym (that rhymes!!)  for an awesome work out.  She was kind enough to let me use her guest pass!  We took a spin class, which wasn’t so great.  The music was lacking and the instructor was mediocre, but I sweated my booty off and it was good.
Kim forced me to stay for the 15 minute “Ab Blast” afterwards.  I counted about 8 curse words that slipped out while doing it.  Hurting tummy right now.  Feel the burn, baby.  It felt sooooo good to be back in the gym.  I love taking classes and getting my sweat on!  It is way more fun with a friend too!  I’m meeting Kim at 6am tomorrow morning for Pump. Lord help us all. 
Looking good, sweaty girls!!
How was your Tuesday?  What’s on the workout agenda for tomorrow?  What’s your favorite candy??  Mine isn’t jolly ranchers, its blue pixie stix!!

2 thoughts on “get it, girl

  1. You look adorable in your teacher gear! Are you going to school to be a teacher? I see on your blog that you are still in school. My tummy needs to be hurting. I never ever do any ab exercises because I make excuses and I am lazy in that department.

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