Three Things Thursday (oink oink)

What up, what up, whattt uppp!  Top o’ the morning to you, guvnah.  Hope you all are having a great Thursday and enjoying this gorgeous weather!  I’m going to stop being lame and give you three things about today!

1.  Nothing is better than magazine subscriptions.

I use a post office box, and the feeling of opening up my tiny little bin and finding new magazines (prefferably running/fitness related) is quite possibly cocaine in the form of snail mail.  Love it!  It is almost like the endorphins from the pages get released into you! Know what I’m saying?
2.  No Textbooks!
God must have heard my POOR, pitiful cries when I griped all summer about having to fork over hundreds of dollars for textbooks this semester.  I’m taking 18 hours this semester, so I was fully prepared to hand over around 600 dollars of my hard earned money to the bookstore.  Can you imagine my elation when I recently found out that I only have to have ONE textbook?!?!  Yes, just one!  And the best part is that my girl Kelly found it for me at the local used bookstore for less than one dollar.  Man, who wouldn’t wanna be me?
3.  I’m on the fence about signing up for my very first FULL marathon!!
I originally had the idea to make Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon my first full since I have so many ties to the race, and it was the reason I began to lose weight and start running in the first place.  However, today it hit me that I should sign up to don my favorite color at the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon.  The course is great, the swag is awesome, and I get to wear pink! What more could I ask for?  Oh yeah, me and my momma’s pig collection could grow!!
My baseball piggy bank.  Better start saving now for the race.

We love pig related things in our household.
After doing some research on it, I found out that early registration closes two days following my big fall half marathon.  My plan is to run my fall half, and see how I’m feeling and where I’m at in my training process, and if I’m feeling confident, then go ahead and register for my first full.  Sound like a plan, man?
What’s your three things Thursday?  Were you just as nervous as I am about registering for your first full?  What convinced you to take the plunge?

3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday (oink oink)

  1. Please don't toss the WR mag. I cannot find it locally (other than your house) and wanna read it. So when you're all done…can I pweeese borrow it??Do K-town, please?? I won't be making any trips to Cinci but might —MIGHT—no promises, be signing up for some part of Knoxville. My arm may be twisted..may. The course sucks though.

  2. awesome on the books. heads up on flying pig- its a HARD course with TONS of hills. Granted we do live in Tennessee so we're used to them, but hill training will definitely help

  3. I was terrified signing up for my first marathon. Basically, I just bit the bullet, signed up, and once I had paid that much money said I was definitely do it! I've heard good things about the Cincy Flying Pig marathon on Knoxville will be a hilly course, thats for sure! You could maybe do Knoxville half in your build up for Cincy full!

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