waking up and a Walking!

Anytime the alarm goes off while it is still dark outside, it is TOO EARLY.  Just so you’re aware.  Needless to say that when my alarm rang off the hook today at 4:45, I was not a happy camper.  But I drug myself out of bed because I knew I had Kim waiting on me at the gym.  After a quick shower, packing my lunch, and trying to do the wake up dance, I was finally out the door.

I met Kim this morning for a 6am bodyPump class.  Are we crazy?  No.  Just committed.  As usual, I watched the clock on the wall like a hawk.  Oddly enough I was sad when it was over, but I worked up a little sweat and got a head start on my daily calorie deficit.  Holla!!

I’m WAYYY too happy at 6am.
Following my long day of substitute teaching, I had a meeting to help plan my childhood best friend’s baby shower!  Too exciting!  I’m so happy for her and her husband but a little sad that we are nearing the age to start having our own youngins.  Then it was off to THE WALK!!!!!
Yeahhhh for The Walk.  Tonight was the kick off for the semester, so they held it at World’s Fair Park by the UT campus.  It was catered and they served fried chicken with all the fixin’s  including mac n cheese!  Yum yum yum.  We had a great time sitting with hundreds of other college students worshipping and studying the Word together!  Love The Walk and I’m so glad that it has started back!
Pre worship.

The amphitheatre and only about half of the people there.
Ashley, Callie, Caitlin, and myself showing what being awesome looks like.
How was your Wednesday?  Do you ever get up SUPER early to sneak in a workout?  

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