stepping, stomping, and stuffing!

I braved up today and went to a BodyStep class.  I’m not a fan of things that actually involve coordination.  That list includes dancing, stepping, running on a treadmill, or trying to walk on a balance beam.  It was a super great class and the instructor was good although her microphone was broken, so it was a bit of a challenge to hear her.

After Stepping it up, I headed downstairs to meet Kim on a treadmill while she did a 6mile tempo and I pretended to run.  The longest I’ve ever “rode” a treadmill is about 10 minutes max.  I get bored, distracted, and like I said, I have a hard time being coordinated.  I toughed it out and to ease my boredom, I did short spurts of fast running, then I’d run easy, and speed back up.  My mileage ended up being 4.3 miles, so at least I did something.  I also did some incline walking on it just to make sure all of the features were working.  Hopefully no one else heard my stomping!!

Kim, being the sweet gal she is, offered to buy me dinner at Chick-fil-a.  Her kids were SOOO excited to see me.  She wonders why they like me so much, but she doesn’t ever see me slip them the chocolate and ring pops.  Bribery is the key to maintaining any friendship with kiddos.  I had a delicious (and somewhat healthy) dinner and was stuffed!!

Chicken filet with no bread or pickle with a plain baked potato.
The kiddos ended up getting ice cream with their kid’s meals, and it looked super yummy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to get one.  Willpower, baby!  Kim got some though, so I suppose I can just live vicariously through her and be just fine.
How does it taste, Kim??
The kids also thought I was so cool because I climbed in the play place thingy with them.  Please don’t mind my post workout self.  I wouldn’t want you to be jealous or anything, especially over the fact that I have a 7 year old self living inside of me.
Dinner and a play date.
Mmmhmm.  Good looking ladies, for sure!
Do you have a workout buddy?  What do you eat for supper following an afternoon gym sesh?  Did you love playing at restaurant’s play places when you were a kid?

1 thought on “stepping, stomping, and stuffing!

  1. Fun fun fun!!! Thanks for throwing the will power thing in there.. lol. Proof that I have none, most days! haha I kid! We had a great time. thanks for meeting me at the gym. You rocked today! And my kids DO love you. Annabelle wants you to move in. She said she'd share her room and American Girl dolls. 😉

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