morning mojo and a bagel slicer!

I’m still using a guest pass to my friend’s gym and since they offer a lot of great options for group fitness classes on Saturday mornings, I decided to take advantage of them yesterday.  First up was spin class.  It was an advanced spin class so our instructor sort of let us take it to our own level and just gave suggestions.  Normally in a fitness class, I like guidance and direction, but with spinning it was nice for me to do my own thing and get in my groove.

Next on my agenda was Pump.  I felt the burn, and that’s all I have to say about that.  I attempted to go to “Turbokick”, but it was NOTHING like my usual boxing class and it was even worse than Zumba, so I peaced out about 10 minutes in.  Sorry, charlie.  After a sweaty morning of well, sweating, I decided to refuel and reward myself with a chocolate chip bagel from Panera Bread.

Mmm, carbs.  And chocolate.
I asked for the kind people to slice my bagel in half because for some odd reason I feel that if my food is in more pieces, then there’s more of it. Kinda like cheese cubes.  Anywho, the lady told me that she could “super slice” it and it would cut it up even more.  Umm, hello, yes please!  My bagel ended up being shredded into 12 different pieces which really helped me not eat it so fast!  Yay for super slicing!
Post workout/carb consumption, I met Ashley at our favorite store (Target, duh) and looked for dresses.  No such luck, so we settled for a morning brunch at Tomato Head and manicures.  Freshly painted fingernails does the soul good.
My best friend is so pretty.  And so are her veggies.
Did you have a sweat-tastic Saturday?  What’s your favorite way to spend a Saturday morning?

2 thoughts on “morning mojo and a bagel slicer!

  1. I wish I had known you were going to bail on TurboKick, which I hate too, because I would totally have gone to Panera with you. I took the kids to CFA and it sucked. I didn't even eat because THEY were out of bagels. Jerks. Anyway, I am sooooo glad you were able to use my guest pass as much as you were. If I was a rich girl, I would pay for you a membership.

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