I just began running “for real” back in December.  But I’ve done my fair share of races so I see a lot of people at them.  The only time I’m ever at a race and not running it is when I volunteer.  Volunteering doesn’t allow a lot of time for spectating, so I never know what it is like to be a true spectator. 

I’m sure AL can tell you all about being a spectator.  She rode my little bike all over Knoxville in an effort to find me in multiple spots during  my spring half marathon.  Best friend of the year award?  I’m thinking yes.

AL even made it back to the finish line to see me.


Today I got to actually attend a running event and stay on the sidelines.  My oldest niece recently joined her middle school cross country team and today’s meet was at the high school directly next to my college.  Another girl that was in my class at church also runs.  Win-win situation.

hot and sweaty; the way every girl should be.


She did so super great and was able to dig deep and do an all out sprint to the finish line.  Those meets are no joke.   Since the course was a double loop, I was able to see her in four different spots, but basically had to slug through deep brush to get to her.  No surprise that I was bleeding by the end of it.

All worth it.  Being a spectator is the way to go.  Although watching the girls run definitely made me wish I had gotten into running when I was a kid. 

Do you ever go to races just to be a spectator? 

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