Ever feel like there is just TOO much going on?  Where your to-do list seems unending and your calendar has zero white space?  Do you ever feel pressured to blog?  Does blogging ever stress you out?

I began blogging as a way to document my work outs and also a place to write how I was feeling.  My blog was my time to get away from the rest of the world and really focus on me.  However it started to seem overwhelming.  Spending two hours a day reading everyone’s blogs, commenting, trying to brainstorm new ideas for posts, taking pictures, etc.  It just all seemed too much.  Something I once used for stress relief became my the source of my stress.

Last month, I decided to take a social media sabbatical for one month.  I stopped blogging and I stopped tweeting.  I didn’t so much as even glance at someone else’s blog.  I was anxious to see what getting away from all the food talk, taper talk, and sweat talk would do for me.  It worked wonders, let me tell you! 

I was able to get in more hours at my job, make A’s on about eight exams over the course of the month, work out more, and just enjoy the company of those who I know in real life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my readers and my blog friends, but sometimes getting away from it all is just what we need. 

So what has happened in the month that I’ve been gone???

  • I ran a half marathon
  • I ran a 5k
  • I cut 24 inches of hair off.
  • I dressed up 4 different times for Halloween.
  • I took a roadtrip.
  • I lost six pounds.
  • I watched a marathon live!
  • I signed up for my first FULL marathon.
  • I met lots of new people.

Mind you, all these things could have been done while not being on a sabbatical, but they were more enjoyed with my stress free break. 

I look forward to catching up on all of the posts that I have missed and reconnecting with my friends in blogland! 


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