After seeing the article about holiday streaking in Runner’s World, I decided to hop right on that bandwagon.  I started a little late, but instead of just running for 14 days straight, I decided to see how many days I could actually run in a row.  Hopefully I’ll make it past 14. 

Ready to run.

Day 1 was a struggle.  If you remember my post about me rededicating myself to a healthy and active lifestyle then you’ll understand how hard it was to get back out there and get my sweat on.  But I put one foot in front of the other and I ran.  I ended up doing a total of 4 miles with 3.25 of that actual running.  Then I met up with Momma and walked 3 miles with her.  7 miles isn’t too shabby for the first day back. 

Day 1. The first of many.

I was able to stock up on some super healthy groceries Friday night and it is amazing in how different my body feels already.  When I was putting all of that greasy garbage into my body, I was left feeling sluggish and heavy.  It is only Sunday and I can tell a huge difference. 

Yesterday I chose to continue the streak even though the only time I had to run required waking up at 7.  Just because I’m a morning person does not mean I am a morning runner.  I totally respect those that do it even way earlier than that!  Running 4 miles yesterday morning taught me one thing: my town sure is sleepy.  I saw maybe 10 cars at the very most out yesterday.  Talk about Silent Night this holiday season! 

It was worth getting up early. Kiss My Sneaks.

Today is my track club’s final racing event of the year.  Except it isn’t actually a race.  Check back for a full recap! 

Are you having a good weekend?  Tell me if you are participating in the streak!!

5 thoughts on “Streaking!

  1. I am definitely not streaking this month! I’d rather just run when I want 🙂 it’s funny that you’re a morning person, because I am NOT a morning person but am a morning runner all the way! I tell people that I like doing my runs first thing in the morning because I usually don’t have to talk to anyone for at least an hour (or three depending on the run!) and by the time I’m done running, I have enough endorphins that I’m in my normal, cheery mood!

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