Leftover Run

My local track club hosts multiple races throughout the year, and every race is left with one thing: leftovers.  Everything from shirts to bib numbers to awards have to go somewhere, so every December they host a Leftover Run.  Entry is only 5 bucks and you get as many t-shirts and awards as your arms can carry.  All proceeds go to a local charity and it helps KTC out by getting rid of all the excess thigns.  Oh, and let’s not forget that the event is untimed. 

So many cool shirts!


I’ve been trying to recruit AL to the racing scene for quite some time so I jumped at the opportunity of taking her to a cheap race with lots of free goodies.  Between the two of us, we collected about two dozen shirts.  I got a shirt of each kind for myself then some for my Momma, my Handsome Hustler, and a few other friends. 

There wasn’t very many people there so me and AL just opted to walk the whole way.  I quickly told everyone who talked to us that it was her first race.  So proud!  Hopefully she will be addicted and sign up for races that actually involve only one t-shirt. 

Twinsies! AL's first 5k!!

To end the perfect day, we had our company Christmas dinner last night at the very swanky Sullivan’s Downtown.  Since I had ate lightly throughout the day and did a 5k, I chose to splurge with a side item of fried corn on the cob.  Living in the South has some disadvantages sometimes.    All of us gals wore our wacky tacky Christmas sweaters and definitely looked banging.  We retreated to our boss’s house for some dessert.  We all had wine glasses for our drinks and in order to know who’s glass was who, our boss had the most fabulous wine tags.  I chose pink…obviously. 

How festive are these glass tags??

Have you ever done a leftover run??  Would you wear a t-shirt for a race that you didn’t actually do?  Have you ever tried corn on the cob?  Tell me about your weekend!

9 thoughts on “Leftover Run

  1. can you tell me what shorts/tights you’re wearing? looks super cute 🙂
    and i agree with everyone above… i think a leftover race would be awesome/fun!

  2. I have never heard of a leftover race – but I will definitely suggest it one of my local run clubs. I imagine I would wear a shirt from a race I didn’t do. But, I find myself slightly superstitious – I really prefer odd race bib numbers and I think I would find it unlucky to wear one during the race. Great Idea!!!

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