Inevitable 2012 Goals Post: Running Edition

Betcha didn’t see that one coming, huh?  It is day four of January and this hustla is finally ready to post her goals for the year.  Goal forming is somewhat of a daunting process.  I wanted to be realistic, but I also wanted to challenge myself.  I thought of a number of goals for each facet of my life then narrowed them down to the most important.  First up, Running.

Running Goals

1.  Learn to actually enjoy running.  Does this come as a shock?   As much as I love to get my sweat on and move my body, I actually hate running.  My favorite part of it is being done and feeling skinnier.  I admit that running reaps great rewards and the endorphins are something that I might pay money for, but let’s all face it: running is hard.  Number one goal is to look forward to running and enjoy ever minute of it. 

Ignorance is bliss. Which is probably why I was smiling so big. Can you see me??

2.  Log miles.  With my very first full marathon on the calendar, logging miles is obvious.  I want to put some serious distance on my legs this year and complete at least 1500 miles.  Not only do I want to physically log miles, I also need to log them on Dailymile so I can keep track. 

Wooohooooo I'm running! I'm doing it!

3.  Race/Volunteer once per month. While this seems completely doable, life often takes over and there is simply not enough time (or money).  Racing doubles as a training run but also puts your training to the test.  This spring will hopefully have some great races to run and train for.  Volunteering at races is sooo fun!  You get to see all aspects of the race and get to be a resource for runners.  Most races offer vouchers to be used for future races, so it scores triple bonus points. 

Wanna get sweat and spit all over you? Sign up to work at a finish line!

4.  Get a 27 minute 5k.  Oh c’mon.  Sounds easy right?  I have yet to break 30 minutes in a 5k but this is the year!  Breaking 30 would be the first step to this goal, but by the end of 2012 I want to really be a speedster.  And by speedster I of course mean running under a 10 minute mile.  I think with some good tempo runs and speed work then it is definitely doable.  27 or bust! 

The day I ran my fastest 5k.

5.  Complete a full marathon.  May 6th:  Mark your calendars.  Notice I said complete and not run.  While running will definitely be a big part of my very first marathon, I have no shame in walking, too.  My mother completed the San Diego RnR Marathon in 1997 and walked every single step.  If I had to do the same thing then I’d be completely fine by that.  My goal is not to finish in under 6 or 5 or 4 or whatever time frame I can think of.  The goal is simply to finish. 

Oh, ya know. Just double that.

6.  Encourage others to be fit.  I wish had a billboard that said “You Go Girl”.  Being fit is not about losing weight, trying to run a marathon, or wanting to fit into a certain pair of jeans.  Being fit is a lifestyle.  With a little hard work, anyone can do it.  A lot of people tell me that they couldn’tdream of finishing a half marathon or go to a spin class.  Your actions follow your beliefs so if you think you can’t then of course you can’t.  This year I want to be dedicated to making fitness my witness and hopefully when people look at me then they will think that if KG can do it then surely to goodness they can too. 

Newspaper article about me.

Bring it on, 2012.  What all do you have planned for 2012?  Any big goals on your list that you are dying to accomplish?

8 thoughts on “Inevitable 2012 Goals Post: Running Edition

  1. I love your last goal especially! I have to constantly remind myself that being fit means more then being skinny. Even though I might not be losing weight right now, I am reaping so many other benefits every time I make the choice to work out! Way to go, girl!

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