Century swag!

Have you ever counted to 15?  Pretty easy, right?  How is it that when you have to count to 15 while doing reps at the gym then it is significantly harder?  I don’t know either! AL and I hit the gym hard after church last night.  Originally I wanted to do 5 miles on the treadmill in an effort to increase my weekly mileage.  No way, Santa Fe!  The treadmill just bores me to death so I decided to make up my own workout.  I dubbed it the century workout.  Betcha can’t guess why.

1.00 mile on treadmill
100 leg lifts
100 bicep curls
100 tricep rows
100 jumping jacks
100 squats
100 lat pulldowns
100 push up position hand slaps (with partner) 

We got that SWAG.

Needless to say I could barely move today, but the weather has been so warm that I just could not condone taking a rest day.  Momma and I walked a glorious 5 miles today with Big Sis and pushed a baby stroller while doing it! 

I’ve still been experimenting like woah in the kitchen.  Today’s menu?  Seared steak and pepper porkchops with yellow rice.  Yummo.  Like anything I do, it was super simple.

Steak and pepper porkchops

  • Thin slice porkchops
  • Low sodium steak seasoning
  • Ground red pepper

Just coat the chops in both seasoning and stick on a medium-high skillet for four minutes each side.  Voila.

All I did for the rice was buy whole grain boil in a bags then added it to a pot with 1/2 cup boiling water.  After about two minutes of it boiling I just added a low sodium chicken broth then let it simmer for about 15 minutes. 

Sup new food?

Tell me about your day! The weekend is almost here!  What are some workout circuits you have made up for yourself at the gym?  Are you a fan of porkchops??  Any cool ideas for making them even tastier?

7 thoughts on “Century swag!

  1. I just made pork chops last night … with shake and bake! They are so good! I don’t know how healthy the shake and bake is, but they are sure yummy!

    Yesterday, I took a class at my work called Hard Core, and I can barely move today! It was SO intense in a good way! WOW!

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    • Hi! AAAHHh! I can’t wait to hear..please let me know..is it for ATL or Athens? So glad you are back from Vaca..I missed you! PLease keep me informed as soon as you know…PS- W is going into overdrive to make things better after the whole KC incident. He suggested a balloon ride over Atl today..um, what? I think its cute watching him scramble…I’ll let you know what else I am being rewarded with

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