2012 Goals: Everything else.

Round 2 of the 2 part series on 2012 goals.  My first post discussed running goals for the year.  As much as I hate to say it, running isn’t everything so making other goals was a given.  Some are life, spiritual, or even financial.  Let’s get it 2012.

1.  Climb the Alpine Tower.  The AT was a requirement for freshman orientation my first year of college.  You didn’t have to make it to the top but you had to at least participate.  I made it slightly over a fourth of the way up before asking to come down.  It requires extreme confidence, deterimination and upper body strength.  This will be the year that I make it to the very top. 

The first and last time I was on the Tower.

2.  Stand up straight. My posture is the worst.  I just hunch my shoulders and never sit or stand straight.  It literally pains me to straighten my back out and attempt good posture.  Hopefully my running might improve slightly by having better form in everyday life. 

Impossible to stand up straight.

3.  Attend a blogger meetup.  I stalk a lot of blogs and it sometimes seems that all the bloggers are either west coasters or New Yorkers.  There is not a whole lot of fit bloggers in the southeast region.  My good blogging friend Julia flew from Utah to Kentucky for a whole month then organized a blogger meetup with some of my favorite bloggers but I just couldn’t fit it in my schedule.  I am determined to meet some bloggers IRL this year.  There is no picture for this goal because I haven’t done one yet!  Sad face, for sure.

4.  Save money. The stereotype is totally true: college kids really are poor.  I’m in my third year of school and have not even reached 5 figures in student loans yet (huge blessing), but that doesn’t mean I have money.  I really want to start budgeting money just to see where it all goes to and hopefully build my savings account back up. 

dolla dolla bill, y'all.

5.  Be a true stalker.  No, not in real life.  On the internet.  I’ve been a serial blog stalker for quite some time but I rarely comment.  Most of my favorite bloggers have never even heard from me, simply because I’m not a true stalker.  My goal this year is to start commenting a lot and interacting through social media, gchat, or whatever other way we can stalk.  I really want to meet a lot more people in the fit blog world. 

c'mon you stalker


6.  Give up elevators.  Okay, maybe this one will only work until May when I move back home.  I live on the tenth floor of my building, so the elevator is an obvious choice.  Just think how sexy my buns will be if I gave it up even only two times a day.  That’s some serious ballin’.  We’ll see about that one.  

I'll crawl if I have to.

What are your non running goals for 2012???

3 thoughts on “2012 Goals: Everything else.

  1. HA, I guess I’m a stalker too, since I don’t comment very often. Just started my own blog in fact and while people say they’ve read it, no one’s left any messages 😦

    Non-running goals. Save more money, see my parents more often (they’re almost 70, but live 5 hours away), work on a food budget, make foods at home (date bars for me, granola for hubby) instead of pay $$$ in the store, try to do more food prep at home on weekends so during the week we can just grab the food and make something quick.

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