a little extreme.

Greetings from my new home…a dorm room on the campus of the University of Tennessee.  It has been the week of all weeks.  I spent hours on Sunday moving into my new dorm and getting settled in.  Living on my own again is going to take some getting used to, but I’ve found lots of new gal pals (and even guys, too) to hang out with and I’ve already made myself a new home.  Little secret though: I’m slightly homesick. 

Move in day.

My dorm is equipped with a NICE state of the art gym.  Super swanky.  Not at all what I’m used to.   To celebrate the first night on campus my roommates and I went grocery shopping at WalMart to stock up on the week’s groceries. Since we have  a full kitchen in our dorm room I opted not to get a meal plan and to cook/prepare all meals in my own room. 

Typical college breakfast: English muffin with PB, an apple, and low fat yogurt

On the way home that night they insisted that we stop for half price sushi.  Failtrain.  Although I am not a sushi fan, I do seriously enjoy fried rice and hibachi chicken and shrimp.  But I knew that indulging would make me feel all nasty and unhealthy inside (and out) so I opted to sip on some water while they got a bargain.  And no, I did NOT skip a meal.  I had eaten directly before we left so it is not even like I was hungry or anything.  BUT, on Tuesday, my lovely friend Robyn treated me to lunch at Calhoun’s on the River.  The grilled shrimp (no butter) and plain baked potato was extremely satisfying.  Plus, I ate broccoli.  Yuck.  But good food and good times!

Also this week was a surpise visit from the crew of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  A family in Knoxville is having their dream house built so the crew stopped by Neyland Stadium for a little Volunteer action.  The episode will be aired during Thanksgiving, so we had a mock up of Macy’s style parade. 

Hollywood meets K-town. Hollywood meets K-town.

My eating has been spot on this week.  I’ve been able to eat healthy and balanced meals all day every day.  Hitting the weight room and using my kettlebell set in my room has also helped.  Today was the first of six days of Rowing tryouts.  Fingers crossed that I make the team and become a student-athlete for a Division 1 school.  What what.  Okay, enough being awesome.  Over and out.

Oh, and one more thing.  The first day of class was a total fail.  I checked the wrong weather forecast and ended up being completely soaked from the torrential downpour.  Then after finally getting some dry clothes and an umbrella, I sprinted fifteen minutes to my last class of the day only to find out that it was cancelled.  What’s up third year of college?

Oh, and here is the final product. Dorm room, baby.


What is/was your favorite thing about college?  Tell me about your week!  Do you ever watch Extreme Makeover?