Packages, Pork, and Pain.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting mail.  Emails and comments are great and all but nothing compares to opening your mailbox and seeing a letter waiting for you.  Ever better than a letter??  A package claim slip!  On my way to my 8am class this morning (gag), I stopped by my building’s post office and found one of those beauties waiting on me.  Unfortunately, my package was only a textbook.  Major letdown.  They could have at least threw in a BIC band, some Nuun, or at least some tempo shorts.  C’mon, postal service! 

Thanks, Amazon. I've always wanted to recieve a textbook in the mail.

Tonight was Tenderloin Tuesday in my apartment.  I cooked some peppercorn garlic pork tenderloin with some garlic corn.  My roomies seemed to like it so I’ll just pretend like I’m a healthy Paula Deen.  By the way—did anyone else hear she got diagnosed with diabetes??  Betcha didn’t see that one coming, huh? 

3 brownie points for presentation. Right??

Today was my first official day working out as a rower.  All NCAA athletes have to have their bloodwork cleared before they can partcipate in physical activity.  P.S. I won’t find out if I made the team until Friday, so no excitement yet.  Today we began by running a half mile wickedly fast.  By fast I mean we did it in four minutes.  Coming from a history of running 10:30-11 minute miles, that was booking it.  We followed our warm up run with some time on the rowing machine to focus on technique.  I never realized there was a “right” way to do the rowing machine.  Chances are that most people are doing it wrong.  But once I got it right, I was all smiles. 

Then the torture set in.  We did a “small” circuit.   The only thing we had to do was 5o jumpropes, 20 squats, and 10 pushups.  That seemed simple enough…until we had to do it 3 times in a row with no recovery time in between.  I was dying.  But I pushed through and got the job done.  It was surprisingly hard but so worth the effort.  I told the girls in the locker room that I’d rather come in last place during our circuits than not do it at all.  I’ll get better, tougher, and stronger.  Get you some! 

Row, row, row your boat.

What’s the best thing you ever recieved in the mail? How’s your week going so far?  Anything exciting going on?  Tell me all the deets! 

2 thoughts on “Packages, Pork, and Pain.

  1. Wow. Rowing. That is HARD work!

    Food color/contrast with plate color five stars ***** 🙂

    Best mail item . . tossup between KEEN winter boots, Kindle, and my free Jessica Simpson shoes (though those came in December and I need some summer weather to wear) from

  2. Gahh that reminds me of the workouts we did when I was rowing! I remember the first time I ever actually ‘ran’ was when we had to do two hours of laps around the track during winter conditioning…it was torturous. I’ll also never forget a ‘fun’ circuit workout we did that involved erging backwards, laying on the erg with our stomachs on the seat and pulling the handles over our butt, hah! I’m excited for your rowing future 🙂

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