Planning Ahead (aka help a sister out)

Okay all you half marathoners!  Ever since deciding to become a Half Fanatic and attempt to do a half marathon in every state, I have been hardcore stalking looking at races online. Obviously I plan on going to all the states I can drive to first, then branching out.  With the exception of Utah this summer which hopefully my parents can pitch in for the cost of a plane ticket as a birthday present (hint: momma, I know you are reading this).  It seems like every race in the world is offered in October so picking and choosing has been difficult.

This fall, all my classes will fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays which leaves ample time to travel to weekend races.  I haven’t actually registered for any yet, but am hoping to find some in cities where other people (read: bloggers) live to where we can run together and I can have a place to stay.  The hard part is actually choosing the races and that is where YOU come in.  Has anyone done any of the races I have listed, or at least looked at?  I need all the advice I can get in picking and choosing.  A race website can only tell so much. 

Help a sister out and let me know if you have done/wanted to do/plan to do any of these:

May 13:              Run with the Cows 1/2                    Kansas 
June 10:             Dover Air Force Base 1/2                Deleware
June 23:             American Fork Canyon 1/2             Utah
June 24:             Chicago Women’s 1/2                        Illinois
July 22:              RnR Chicago                                       Illinois
August 11:          Ben Moore 1/2                             Maryland
August 26:          Emerald City 1/2                         Ohio
September 1:      Indy Women’s 1/2                       Indiana
September 23:   Omaha 1/2                                    Nebraska
October 6:           Cannonball Run 1/2                    North Carolina
October 14:         Louisville 1/2                               Kentucky
October 21:         Myrtle Beach Mini                       South Carolina
November 4:      Marshall University 1/2             West Virginia
November 10:    Chickamauga 1/2                        Georgia
November 17:     North Face Challenge 1/2          Missouri
December 9:       RunGirl 1/2                                   Texas

These are all for the year 2012.  I already have my eye on some for next spring such as Little Rock 1/2 in Arkansas and the Disney Princess Half. 

Any of these races stand out to you?  Give me some recommendations for ‘MUST DO’ races while I complete this quest.  Got a couch to offer me for a weekend of racing?  Is this idea just plain crazy?

7 thoughts on “Planning Ahead (aka help a sister out)

  1. i am so dang excited about this and think you will LOVE LOVE LOVE the AF half 🙂 you can also knock out MN once I move as well…more than welcome to visit me twice in 2 different states 🙂 maybe we could find a double weekend where we could race MN on saturday and Wisconsin on Sunday!?! yayyyyyyyyyy. i will have to let you know about good races once i move and get the inside scoop!

  2. All I can really tell you about is Chickamauga – but you were there for that and know how beautiful the course is! If you can’t find somewhere to stay for a North Carolina/South Carolina/Virginia race maybe we could drive together and share a hotel to save money? It would be a lot of fun!

  3. Can’t help you on any of those… but I’m planning on the Scream! half marathon outside Asheville, NC this summer (July 14). It is a downhill race!

  4. Park 2 Park is relatively flat. Check out Waterloo, Iowa. If you’re not allergic to cats, you can even couch surf ;0)

    and OMG I am registered for the Omaha FULL 9/23. It’ll be fun times running in the Old Market of Omaha! Some hills, but not anything too killer I don’t think. I’ve never done this. It’s only an hour from where I grew up (read: free room at the ‘rents!)

    I don’t know much of the other ones, I am debating on the Chicago RnR in July only because you get a special medal if you complete more than one RnR in the same year (they have medals for specials of any more than two finished in the same year 2, 4, 6, etc) I’m just not sure of this one. It’s the midwest on pavement in July hot +asphalt to hold in the heat ==HOT HOT HOT.

    I did the St. Louis RnR last year in October. don’t recommend it. Too many turns and hills. I was dizzy by mile 4.

    The beginning of May is also the “flying pigs” one in Ohio I’ve always wanted to do, along with the Champaign-Urbana,Illinois one my sister did. It was pretty cool for her to finish on the football field.

    Ones that have my eye: Free Press Detroit in October—start in US, finish in US but run into Canada too (need passport) and the Hershey PA one in October or November. These two are on the back burner for me. I have Omaha in my sights and won an entry into a trail run in California at the end of the year, so my training will need to concentrate on hills, crazy hills and trail running.

  5. This sounds exciting! You’ve actually given me some ideas about races! You don’t have New Mexico on your list yet, but once you decide on something out this way, you’ll have a place to stay! Good luck with all your races. Can’t wait to hear all about them!

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