2k and Food

East Tennessee is known for somewhat of mild winters, but we always always always get snow.  This year?  Not so much.  In fact, it has been in the high 70’s all week.  Fine by me!  We have spent a lot of time on the water this week in preparation for our first race this weekend!  Such exciting stuff.  Our varsity raced earlier in the week and we had  a lot of fun spending the morning cheering on our fellow Lady Vols.

Fellow newbies. Go Lady Vols.

That same day we had our team 2k test on the erg.  Look up any rowing twitter hashtag and you can almost feel the cringe of the person behind the screen.  A 2k test is where you row for 2000 meters as fast as you possibly can.  After about a minute, you can’t breathe, your legs burn immensely, and your blisters take on a life of their own, but you are forced to keep going until 2000m has been rowed .  Since it was my first test, I didn’t know exactly what number to push for so I decided to keep my split time around 2:08 which would put me at an 8:32ish finish.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be….it was worse.  But getting off and seeing that I had kept a 1:59 split with a total time of 7:59 made every drop of sweat worth it.  Yeahhh for pulling sub-8 as a newbie. 

After the death test and some time on the water, I headed back home to visit my momma and to have dinner with AL. Lately I’ve been so bored with going somewhere and ordering plain grilled chicken at a restaurant.  My lack of love for salad makes it hard to choose a tasty and healthy meal when I’m out to eat but the problem was resolved this past weekend.  AL’s boyfriend is the chef at her parent’s restaurant and he made me the most delicious (and healthy) pizza EVER.  Flatbread with a teeny tiny bit of sauce, and grilled chicken on top!  I was in heaven.

grilled chicken pizza!

Oh, and since I worked so incredibly hard at practice and hadn’t exactly replenished my body of its depleted calories, I decided to splurge (a rarity for me) and order an ice cream brownie.  In honor of my hard day at the boathouse, it was a rowing inspired brownie.  The chef and AL definitely get “brownie points” for this one.  Get it?  …brownie points?

Rowing inspired brownie.

I’m looking foward to race weekend and cheering on my team and then as soon as we get back it is Spring Break!  Oh wait, we have training camp all week (3 a days).  No Spring Break for us.  Spring Skinny!!

Do you have any experience on the rowing machine?  If you are doing it correctly then it is MUCH harder than it looks.  What is your favorite type of pizza?  Any ideas for making pizza healthier?  When you “splurge”, what do you usually treat yourself to?

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