You is kind, you is smart, you is a fast runner.

Every Tuesday I am up before the sun and our team gets a morning track workout in.  Each week is different but we almost always know what it will consist of.  Sometimes they consist of a pyramid workout, 400s, 800s, or even a mile test.  Last week I ran my mile in 9 flat.  That may sound slow to all you speedsters, but it was booking it for me. Last week when I texted my Momma the excitement of my time she responded with a quote from The Help: “You is kind, you is smart, you is a fast runner”.  Thanks, Momma.  On tap for this week was a 2 mile run. 

I made the decision to shoot for a 19 in front of my number since I know that holding a 9 flat pace for 2 miles is unrealistic for me.  The first mile seemed to go by pretty quickly and then it happened…the rain came.  And boy did it ever.  Poured like crazy and for some reason that did not push me to go any faster.  I just focused on running my laps and getting my time.  I tried to kick it a little on the last turn and crossed the finish line with a time of 18:51.  Again, not fast for you veterans but record pace for me.  All in all I was stoked and stunned to have beat my goal time.  And running 18:51 for my 2 mile means I’m right on target to break 30 minutes at next week’s 5k. 

I’ll be gone this weekend since our team is racing!  It is our first race of the season and we could not be more excited.  Unfortunately I will not have a seat in the boat and I’m okay with that.  My technique hasn’t developed yet and my teammates have been doing this for a lot longer than I have.  I just plan on going to cheer my ladies on and bring home a Lady Vol victory!  

I'm kinda tall, but not in real life. This is my coxswain.

How awesome does it feel when you beat the time you were aiming for?  Do you ever do track workouts?  What are some of your favorites?  Ever seen a boat race before?

3 thoughts on “You is kind, you is smart, you is a fast runner.

  1. Ereeeeekkkkk! Such a fantastic time! And love what your mom sent you! So cute 🙂 I love that movie! Good luck this weekend! Can’t wait for you to rock the 5k as well 🙂

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