Race Eve!

This time last year I was just finishing up the Biggest Winner program and was a week away from my best half marathon ever.  Also at this time last year, I was in better shape than I had ever been in before.  So that’s why I decided to run Greenways 5k 2011.  To test out my fitness level.  I had two goals: A) Run the entire race and B) Break 30 minutes.  I did end up running the entire race and it became the first time I ever ran three consecutive miles with no walk breaks.  But when the clock read 30:44 I was a little disappointed.

Fast forward to now!  I again am in better shape than I have ever been in before.  Rowing has made me a better, stronger and faster person.  So against my better judgement, I signed up for Greenways 5k again and the big day is tomorrow!  I know that I can run the whole way without stopping, but my ultimate goal is to get under 30 minutes (never been done before).  After running four miles in 36:35 this week, I’m fairly confident with breaking the 30 barrier.  Obsession has become my game this week and I have crunched numbers like a mad woman trying to find the perfect pace to shoot for.  At this point wearing my Garmin is still up in the air.  Today on the way to practice I stopped at the crosswalk and looked down only to see a four leaf clover staring at me.  A sign?  Possibly. 

find a clover, pick it up, trust in training not in luck.

So hopefully this time tomorrow I will be writing an epic race recap on how I completely took revenge on last year and used my fresh fitness skills to smoke the 30 minute mark.  29:59 or bust! 

Oh, and I must share this.  I’m an extremely easy bruiser.  I bump into something and my body instantly turns black and blue.  It is a tad bit embarrassing.  Thus, check out my newest bruise that happens to be on a very public place…my face.  Yeah, nice little shiner on my cheek from getting hit with an oar handle.  Nothing major but enough for people to notice and ask about it.  Classy. 

tough girl.

Happy weekend!  Are you racing this weekend? 

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