Greenways 5k: Race Recap

I’ve been holding off on this post for a few days, mostly because I was waiting for race photos but I just can’t hold on any longer.  Going into race day I knew that my main goal was to break 30 minutes.  I was feeling somewhat confident (not cocky) about it.  I obsessed over pace charts and times and tried my darndest to formulate a game strategy in my head.  The pink sharpie even took up residence on my left forearm in an attempt to have something to go by. I even went as far as to lay out my clothes the night before which is an extreme rarity.  But when race morning arrived and I met up with Michelle, all bets were out the window and we decided to just run.

pre race layout.

It was a decently small race and very low key which meant not a whole lot of mumbo jumbo at the start line. We started a little faster than we probably should have and hit the one mile mark at 8:53.  I would not consider this a “hilly” course but it is definitely rolling with the hills being short and steep.  The main focus was on not stopping and just keeping a pace in the lowish 9’s.  My breathing got a little difficult near the turn around point and I started feeling it.  After looking at my watch and splits I realized that I may just cruise past the 29’s and actually see a 28 on my time. But my instinct said to fight through it and just kill it until I see 29:59 on the clock.  I tried to save enough energy for a “kick” at the end.  In reality, it would have been awesome to really crank up the speed the last quarter mile but I didn’t surge until I had the finish line in sight.  I think by then it was a tad too late. 

schweaty and feeling good. p.s. this is not a race photo.

I crossed the finish line and clocked a time of 29:05–crushing my former PR (on the same course) by almost 2 minutes.  Not to mention that I nearly cruised right into the 28.  As soon as I stopped all the blood in my legs rushed straight to my head and I felt the intense urge to pass out.  I laid down for a good minute or two, then was able to get up and get some water and just walk it off.  Michelle finished directly behind me and it was her FIRST time running an entire 5k and I felt a little bad for kicking the end and finishing ahead of her since we ran the entire time right together.  Bad friend award, but I think all is forgiven. 

obvious choice for post race fueling.


This was a great race to really take advantage of and test my personal level of fitness.  It is great to see that I have even improved more than I had last year.  I’ll take a PR any day of the week.  The course followed part of the route of the half marathon I’ll be running on Sunday, so it was a good test run too.  I loved every second of it and really have nothing to complain about.  Well done, KTC and well done, KG. 

Tell me your most exciting PR story!  Do you like to races consecutive years to see yearly improvement? 

7 thoughts on “Greenways 5k: Race Recap

  1. eeeeekkkkkk!!!! CONGRATS on your PR!!!!!! love it!!! i think honestly my most exciting PR story is racing with my brother for his first 5k…we didnt run together but dang he finished right behind me…i think i must have knew he was there because i was booking toward the end. 5ks are anxiety provoking for me because i dont like to go that fast so i am always breathing hard in the middle but in this particular race i just kept telling myself…you can do anything for xx more minutes. just keep going. you will be so happy you did. and boy was I ever…plus running back (not that far!) for my bro and helping him freaking crush his first 5k was AWESOME!!

  2. PRs in 5ks are always fun bc its a shorter distance so you have to work harder for that pr!! My most exciting PR was definitely this past weekend in NY due to hitting a time I NEVER thought I could pull of

  3. I HAVE THAT BLUE NIKE TANK TOP!!!!! In fact, I wore it on my run this morning. I feel the urge that we NEED to be twins for Running With the Cows…I hope you’re down!

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