NUUN Hood to Coast Application

Last August I stalked Facebook and Twitter the entire time the famous Hood to Coast Relay was going on.  Why?  Because my track club had an all boys team out there running it and NUUN had sponsored two teams that included some of my favorite female bloggers.  By the end of it, my track club had won 1st place overall (beating Nike) and the NUUN teams had some fabulous pictures to show.  Needless to say I was one jealous girl.

Fast forward to this year and I noticed that the application had been offered again.  After seeing my club win last year and seeing all the fun that my fellow bloggers had, I just knew I had to submit an application.  With some help from my roommate, we created a video application.  And it is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Fingers crossed that NUUN will see how super rocking fantastic I am and see that bigger girls can represent too!  If you think I’m deserving of being on this team, then let me know here!   Or you can tweet to @nuunhydration and tell them @thegogirlblog needs to be on the team!  Leaving small east Tennessee and traveling across the country to run 197 miles with some phenomenal female bloggers would be the chance of a lifetime!  And who else is going to bring the y’all?

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