Round 2 of birthday weekend.

After a great morning of racing it was time to kick off birthday weekend.  First let me introduce you to Tylor.  Affectionately called Mr. T by my mother, Tylor is basically the male version of me and my closest male friend.  He likes to tag along to races with me to be my papparazzi and is always volunteering at local running events.  He was MIA in the photos from Spring Sprint because he was the man behind the camera.  And lucky for him he got to spend a very long day with me. 


The best part about yesterday was BABY.  He has a school project that requires him to take home a fake baby for the weekend.  This baby cries like a real baby and requires feedings, diaper changes, mid night rocking, and constant care.  We had way too much fun with this thing.  Following the race, we drove to Pigeon Forge to pick up the baby and have lunch.  We were supposed to go hiking afterwards but it was a little hard to hike with the kid, so we met up with Sister and Momma for a walk instead while Tylor pushed the stroller and the kids rode bikes.  Baby got a lot of attention and some passerbys even asked us how old the kid was.  So strange. 

how do you not love this face.

big poppa.

We were able to get in 4 miles which brought the daily mileage up to 7. Not to shabby.  After resting for a bit it was off to the next of the birthday festivities: party at the Walkers.  They hosted a small party for me which included grilling out (yummy hot dogs and hamburgers) and random trivia.  AL stopped by and a few of my friends from high school so it was nice to have good company.  The night wasn’t as crazy as usual since we were all more than a little drained.  And that dang baby kept crying.  

what a family.

The drive home was peaceful and I had barely laid down before falling asleep.  Round 3 continues today as I will be attending the casting call for Wheel of Fortune.  Chances are I probably won’t even get an audition but I will definitely have a lot of fun getting to see a live version of my favorite game show.  Give me a vowel please!  Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

happy birthday to me!


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