I’m a big fan of celebrating on any occasion but birthdays are especially special.  This birthday was no different.  I turned twenty-one years old yesterday and I spent the entire weekend celebrating.  Instead of giving you the play by play of how the weekend/actual day panned out, I’ll just share with you just half of the details.  Half of 21 is 10.5 so here are the top 10.5 birthday blurbs.

1.  Our family friend Donna Walker constantly tries to convince me that the book The Help was written about her experiences as a nanny/housekeeper at Blackberry Farms.  So it was no surprise when she made me chocolate pie for my birthday.  No photo evidence.

2.  I spent a good part of Sunday at the casting call for Wheel of Fortune.  Getting an audition is pure chance since they literally put your application in a bucket with thousands of others then draw a few names at random to get interviewed.  Unfortunately (haha) my name was never called. 

3.  Facebook notifications should be turned off on your phone when it is your birthday.  My battery went from 100% to 43% before noon.  Blowing up for my birthday.  So worth it.

4.  I ran 4.16 miles on my birthday.  If I was a hardcore runner I would have done 21 miles, but I thought 4.16 was appropriate given it was the right numbers. 

headed out for a birthday run! because I'm abso-freaking-lutely- amazing.

5.  My mother promptly texted me at exactly 5:58 yesterday afternoon.  That was the time I entered this world screaming and weighing 10 pounds 6 ounces.  21 years later and she still loves me. 

sweet sweet mother.

6.  I’m not a fan of voicemails but birthday voicemails are the best.  My grandparents called me and my friend Robyn’s little boys, Jake and Jackson, called and left the most sincere message ever.  I saved it and have listened to it more than once today. 

sweet Jake Smith. probably the only person who talks more than me. he won his own medal at the Kids' Run.

7.  Speaking of Robyn, she made it an awesome birthday!  She took me to brunch at Pete’s downtown where I indulged in chocolate chip pancakes and biscuits and gravy (no shame).  Then chauffeured me around to the DMV to get my license renewed. On top of all this she got me the most ballin’ present ever: a card that completely describes our friendship, an iTunes gift card, blogging notebooks, AND a monogrammed iPhone case that has running quotes on it.  So blessed!  

brunch at Pete's!

8.  I have faith in those who work for the public sector.  People constantly complain about waiting at the DMV but I seriously had the best experience.  The guy even let me come behind the desk to evaluate my picture before he printed my new license.  What a gem!  AND he talked to me about my major and said that he works for a local news station in the evenings and encouraged me to apply for an internship!  Hello, networking.  He genuinely made my day and it turned a normally crummy experience into a great one! 

9.  I spent any and all free time I had yesterday morning watching the live streaming of the Boston Marathon.  What an event!  I felt so bad for all those runners braving the heat but the event itself is so worthy and inspiring and those runners were so heartfelt.  I could feel the energy and emotion through the computer.  And I have decided that I’m qualifying for Boston 2018.  That is the next time it will be held on my birthday and 6 years is more than enough time to train.  Ya think? 

what else would I be watching?

10.  Looking nice is hard.  Discovering that spandex and Norts wouldn’t be appropriate birthday dinner attire, I had to hunt down a new dress to wear for the occasion.  I finally settled on one from Target.  And this shameless mirror pic is the ONLY photo I have of myself from the evening.  Such a shame! 

the only photo of me from the evening.

.5  My best friend put the icing on my birthday cake last night (not for real real).  She let me dress up, picked me up and took me out to a nice dinner. She even found me a hot date and brought her boyfriend too.  She understands the importance of a birthday being YOUR day to shine and she really helped me embrace that.  So thankful for her friendship.  

we got that best friend SWAG down.

Do you remember turning 21?  How do you celebrate birthdays??

9 thoughts on “Twenty-One.

  1. ahhhh!!! you are absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! so glad you had the BEST birthday. looks so fun. you and your mom are seriously so cute! love that photo 🙂

  2. I almost bought that dress in the purple/navy blue!!! I’ll never forget my 21st–it was my first half marathon! PS I finally watched your Nuun video and it hadn’t crossed my mind that you would have an accent…and it’s adorable!

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