Make It Happen

Mother Nay Nay is at it again-throwing us Southerners curveballs.  We have been dealing with 80 degree weather all through March then all of a sudden she wants to have a high of 50 today.  I might just be okay with that since I had a run planned tonight. 

Our local track club hosts a social run every Wednesday night and they usually meet up just a few miles down from my apartment.  I decided to give it a go this evening and see how I felt.  On the way there I realized my Garmin was dead.  Major buzzkill there.  There wasn’t a huge crowd tonight since everyone just got through running Boston and even with this cool weather they deserved a break.  So we headed out and split into two groups: one group hit the Sequoyah Hills neighborhood and the others took the greenway.  I opted for the greenway option since a few of the girls had Garmins and were planning on doing around three.  My goal was simply to make it happen. 

This is basically how I look at social runs. Minus the bib.


Once we hit the turnaround I was super thankful to only be doing three.  I’m not quite sure if I’m developing an injury or if my legs are just sore but my shins were on fire tonight.  Fingers crossed it was just because I didn’t stretch or warm up before hand but ouch was the word tonight!  After a quick three miles we hit up the mexican grill next door and I ate my weight in tortilla chips.  Not doing that again, no siree. 

Hopefully this cooler weather sticks around for the rest of the week.  I’ve been toying around with the idea of making a training plan but can’t bite the bullet just yet.  I don’t have a “goal race” in mind.  I have a few halfs planned for the summer but don’t really have a time or goal in mind and they are happening pretty soon so I wouldn’t exactly get a training cycle in.  I’m thinking about shooting for sub 2 (gasp) at one of my fall races so developing a good base training plan might be nice.  Who knows.  I’ll make it happen no matter what.

Happy Wednesday!  Do you ever go to local social runs?  What do you do when your Garmin dies?  Are you a fan of Mexican food?

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