Walk the Line (and a winner announced)

Good grief has it been a crazy week.  I’ve officially moved back to Townsend for the summer.  My room resembles an episode of Hoarders with all my apartment stuff piled up, but I’m slowly but surely sorting through it for my yard sale this coming weekend.

I’ve experienced a slight pain in my right shin so I’ve taken a small step back from running.  I have been attending our social runs in an effort to go easy.  The social atmosphere is extremely motivating and it allows me to talk to people while running.  Our social run group also took a step above social and helped me stuff 500 goody bags for the race I directed this past Saturday.

Tin Roof Run Club!

The race went off very smoothly.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but we had around 600 people come out and run and lots of PRs were set.  Tylor came home to Townsend with me after the race and we conked out since being up so early.  After our nap we walked with my Momma and got a little schweaty.

Mr. T--the king himself.

Walking has been a really great thing for me lately.  It gives me a chance to still move my legs but with less impact than running.  Walking more than once a day has become the usual.  Sunday after church Momma and I did our normal walk and covered 3.5 miles.  Then at evening church, our youth sponsored a cake baking contest so after indulging in some cake we hit the trail again for another three miles.

Yesterday was my first full day home from school so of course Momma and I walked before she went to work.  Then AL wanted to hang out so I suggested a walk.  And last night I got bored home by myself so I hit the trail for my third walk of the day.  I covered 12 miles in my three walks yesterday.  Not too shabby at all.  Walking does the body good.  I would highly suggest it if you want an off day from running.

an 8 year old made this. very pinteresty.

So, lets talk about this giveaway.  An overwhelming amount of people said that their Garmin was their favorite gift.  I can definitely agree with y’all on that one.  Instead of being awesome and using random.org I literally wrote everyone’s name down and put them in a hat.  The five winners are:

1.  Darci
2.  Emily R
3.  Megan @ runlikeagrl
4.  Blair
5.  SamanthaK

Buttttt….that’s not all.  I’m so thankful that I had so many people sign up for the giveaway that I decided to draw five more names!  So the next five winners are:

6.  Meg (megsican)
7.  Running the Classroom
8.  JoJoruns
9.  Alexjcant
10.  rawveganincollege

Congrats ladies!  Please contact me with your mailing address: (thegogirlblog [at] gmail [dot] com) to claim your prize!

5 thoughts on “Walk the Line (and a winner announced)

  1. Crazy because we have a tin roof that hosts our monday night runs at 6pm as well… is yours put on by fleet feet? Thats awesome they were willing to help you stuff goody bags.

    YUM YUM and MORE YUM about the above cake

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