Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Recap Part 1

Normally I would not do separate parts to posts but since this trip was five days long and covered more than 200 miles with 36 wonderful women, I deem it necessary to split the fun into three separate posts.  This is the first installment of my Nuun Hood to Coast Relay recaps.

Waaaayyyy back in the spring when my roommate and I were looking like fools trying to create a video for the Nuun Hood To Coast Relay Team, I never actually imagined I would get chosen.  But when I did, the joy and elation I felt resounded throughout my entire apartment complex.  The big girl, the girl who runs an 11 minute mile pace, the girl who was never chosen–yeah that girl.  That girl was chosen for a team of female bloggers from across the country to represent a company we all loved and believed in.

Two weeks ago I boarded a tiny aircraft in good ole Knoxville, Tennessee bound for the west coast.  I didn’t know what was in store for me but the mystery of possibilities excited me and I was encouraged knowing that I would step off an airplane into the arms of so many passionate and caring women who would welcome me as one of their own. 

After landing and boarding into a van with some other lovely ladies who landed around the same time as me, we dropped our bags off in a super fancy hotel then literally crossed the street to hit up the Seattle Mariners game.  Getting to fellowship with some of my new friends while watching some MLB was my kind of day.  I wore jeans and a sweatshirt to the game and my teeth were still chattering.  That’s what happens to a Southern girl when there is no humidity. 

After the Mariners posted a W we headed downtown to a local bar where we could all relax and chat some more.  Following about all the water I could care to drink we were able to get some tables at a brewery that was adjacent to our hotel.  Luckily my bedmate for the next two days sat with me and between me and her and the other two ladies sitting with us, we all made our stomachs a little sick from laughing so hard.  Amanda you are too funny! 

By the time we made it back to the hotel it was well past my bedtime and thank the Lord that I was in a room with 2 fellow east coasters.  The time difference affected me more than I had anticipated.  You know what they say-quick to bed and early to rise.  That would explain why I was up so incredibly early the next morning.  But laying in bed listening to each other’s conversations about life, running, and blogging was definitely a highlight of the trip. 

The next morning we boarded into the vans to visit the headquarters of Oiselle.  Seeing behind the scenes of how this company is run was an experience in itself and it was great to meet the founder and hear how she started her company.  Just goes to show that a strong- willed female and a great idea can reap great things.  Oiselle even hooked us up with free tees and I snagged one that stated “Run Fast, Take Chances”.  From Oiselle, some of us girls chose to do a shakeout run around Greenlake which has been known to be the “spiritual mecca for runners” second only to Central Park NYC for usage of running.  A few brave souls chose to do an open water swim in the lake while the rest of us opted for coffee at the Starbucks next door.  Starbucks was everywhere in Seattle!

Since we had some free time in the afternoon we split up to visit the city and stop by a few stores.  Women in a new city obviously means shopping.  But before too long we all headed to the Nuun headquarters for some hydration, swag, and scavenger hunt. 

We were given a list and three hours to take as many photos of items on the list as possible.  Unfortunately for my team, we had no Seattleites so we weren’t entirely familiar with the major districts or landmarks.  We made the executive decision to tattoo as many strangers as possible with our Nuun tats and to just enjoy sightseeing in Seattle.  We did make it down to Pike’s Place Public Market and Jess even caught a fish AND kissed it.  Props to her.  Luckily we were able to mark a few things off our list before heading back to headquarters.  We finished dead last in the competition but it was all in good fun. 

We spent the rest of the evening carbo loading and van decorating.  Let me tell you that some of these ladies are experts in van decorations.  I was thoroughly impressed. We had our Team Night Van 2 decked out pretty good but all of our vans collectively was sure to stop traffic once we hit the relay. 

I stayed up a little later that night since my van did not leave until 11am the next morning (2pm back home).  After a good night’s rest and my final shower for the next two days we were ready to load up the van and head for Oregon.  HTC or BUST. 

9 thoughts on “Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Recap Part 1

  1. LOVE you girl. I would never, ever, ever had the guts, drive, motivation to do any of this in college. I was still partying my A off. For real. I love that you took a chance, stepped out into this crazy experience and even skipped class. YIKES! you really are the sweetest person and I look forward to seeing what happens with you post college and in your running! and of course, can’t wait to read more. especially about your brave 3rd leg “adventure”

  2. The intro paragraph to this post gave me chills. Twice. I am so happy you got picked. You came out and completely rocked this thing. Can’t wait to read more!

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