A New Title

Not too long ago, I got a call from my former marathon coach.  She let me know that the healthcare company she works for was hiring fitness instructors to work in the community.  This program sends instructors out into churches, community centers, and senior centers to do fitness classes during the mornings and evenings on weekdays.  Programs such as these reach out to the public and get them involved in routine fitness routines while allowing them to not have to join a gym to do so.

After a lengthy application process, I have officially been hired as one of these instructors.  I will be going through about a month of training in which I will learn all the necessary information for becoming a good instructor.  Within a year of being hired, all instructors receive the opportunity to become certified by AAAI which would allow them to become nationally certified.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to become a “Group Fitness Instructor”.  The best part is that I am working with people (usually middle-aged or retired) and get to help them lead healthier lifestyles all while being physically active myself.  Exciting times to come!  Also, within the next year I will hopefully get my AAAI certification and be able to teach in gyms and fitness facilities, too.

5 thoughts on “A New Title

  1. How awesome is that, getting paid to share your passion with others!! Huge congrats. As an added bonus, its always nice to have a new role to add some change / excitement to your life 🙂

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