Check Mate

For the past two weeks as I’ve been eating right and slowly getting back into exercising on a regular basis, I’ve been keeping my running goals fresh on my mind.  Learning to run is a process so having smaller goals really keeps me motivated to push harder.  My first running goal was to run a mile.  I’ve ran two times in the last two weeks in an attempt to reach this goal.  Each time I only made it about four minutes before stopping.  I felt defeated but I knew that with time my goal would happen.

After yesterday’s morning walk, I came home and did a kickboxing workout that was on TV.  I also did 100 jumping jacks and 50 squats.  Feeling my heart beat so hard in my chest was such a joyous feeling because I knew I was pushing my body.  Maybe it was the endorphins, or maybe it was me just dying to mark off a goal, but I was itching to go try and run a whole mile without stopping.

Before I knew it I had my new Garmin on, my shoes laced, and I was driving to the road I run on.  I hopped out, didn’t think about warming up or stretching-I just took off.  I didn’t care how fast or slow I ran.  I just ran.  I barely looked at my watch because I knew exactly where the half mile turn around was.  Shortly after the turn around, I felt like I was breathing through a straw.  My body and legs felt fine but my lungs felt like they were going to explode.  I kept doing positive self talk and knew that if I could just make it back to the car then I’d have a goal to check off my list.  Thank the Lord I made it back to the car in an upright position.  Sure, I didn’t go fast and it hurt.  But I did it.  I felt like a rockstar and I felt like I could take on the world.  One small goal down and I can’t wait to conquer the next goal!    1214garmin

4 thoughts on “Check Mate

  1. Good start! I find LOTS of elliptical training helps prepare me get back on the road when I’ve been off running for awhile (like after my stress fracture last year).

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