Bod Pod Assessment

When I hear Bod Pod, I giggle a little.  It is such a funny name for anything.  I’m not an expert in these sort of things, but basically it a contraption you sit in that looks like a big egg that displaces air and is able to measure VO2 max, basal metabolic rate, and body fat.  Feel free to Google it since I still don’t completely understand it.  I was solely concerned with body fat percentage.  I wanted to get tested and then go back the week before my April half marathon and see how much body fat I have shed.  A lot of times in weight loss, the scale won’t move but you’ll lose fat so I wanted an accurate reading not associated with the scale.

Last week, I went to a local health store and uncomfortably stripped down to get this assessment.  I’ve never stood with just spandex and a sports bra on in front of anybody so needless to say I was a little uneasy.  Standing in a cold white room with fat rolls hanging out everywhere in front of a complete stranger really is a humbling experience.  The girl was super nice and the entire process literally took like 5 minutes.  I knew that I was very obese going in and don’t need a machine to confirm that, but I’m glad I have an exact number to place on my body fat percentage so that I can have something to work towards and have a big fat number to motivate me.  1226bodpod

The results revealed that I had 46.9% body fat.  Wow.  Putting a number makes it so real.

The man who discussed my assessment with me afterwards agreed with the fact that I was fat but he also said I have one of the biggest lean muscle amounts he has seen on a female.  He told me in a nice way that I was “big boned” and that I would be the type of girl who resembles an athlete and is never “skinny”, rather just super fit.  (that is, once I get there).  He said that I could get to a desirable weight range, but would still be considered overweight on any scale due to my muscle mass.  That was encouraging since I know that my basic bone structure is just naturally larger than others.  It felt nice to have a professional confirm it.  1226bodpod2

So, as of right now I am starting with 46.9 percent body fat and going to do everything I can to get that number a lot smaller by marathon season.  Hopefully in four months at my next visit I will be a lot more comfortable in my sports bra and spandex.

18 thoughts on “Bod Pod Assessment

  1. I am a little jealous that you were able to have this done. I’ve checked my bodyfat percentage using the BIA before (but it’s not nearly as accurate as the bod pod). The information that you now have is going to give you a much better idea of what’s going on with your body and your fitness gains. I didn’t realize that the bod pod was able to tell you your VO2 max. I know you said that you weren’t interested in VO2, but I bet that you will see changes there too!

  2. You are SO brave…I’m not sure I’d be comfy putting a photo of me in spandex/bra on the internet!!! And it’s great to have a starting point and to be able to look forward to the difference in a few months’ time. It’ll be so motivating.

  3. You are a very brave woman!!! 1) No matter what size I would be, you couldn’t pay me to crawl into that thing–my claustrophobia would kick in!! 2) I would have a hard time being in little or nothing in front of someone else too!! 3)You were so brave to put the pictures (and all of the other numbers and such that most wouldn’t share with anyone) online though!!! May you look back at these pictures and those numbers in four months and say “Who was that!!!”!!!

    • The lady actually asked me if I was in any way claustrophobic! Luckily I am not but I can definitely understand if someone would be in a tight space like that. I was very uncomfortable but I just kept reminding myself that this was that person’s job and she probably sees people like me all the time. Plus, it is motivating so that one day, I won’t have to feel uncomfortable.

  4. I remember having to conduct bod pod assessments in college. The machines are accurate but pricey. You’re lucky to have that tool to help measure your progress in 4 months 🙂

    • The Health Shoppe near West Town does this! You can also do a consultation with the man who owns the store and he will spend about an hour going over your assessment and proper nutrition. It is included with the assessment.

  5. Cameron and I really need to go have this done! Loved reading your post. Looking forward to training! Santa even brought us training journals for Christmas!

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