2013 Running Goals

Goals, goals, goals.  That is all I seem to think about these days.  Goals are simply dreams with deadlines and I suppose December 31, 2013 will be my deadline for the following goals.  Some of these goals seem a little unrealistic to me, and that is okay.  Dreaming big is when big things happen.  We shall see.

1.  26:xx 5k  Last year I worked my butt off to get from a 39:53 5k to a 28:36 5k then I threw it all away by trashing my body.  I’m slower than ever and that’s okay.  Hard work pays off.  I know that I’m capable of shedding my time with the dedication it takes.  It is just a matter of doing it.  By the very end of 2013, I plan to rock a 5k with a 26 in front of it.  If the last numbers are 59, I’m okay with that, too.

2.  PR the half  I’m still on my mission to do a half marathon in every state and if it takes an entire lifetime, I’m cool with that.  No hurry.  I would rather work extraordinarily hard at making the 5k “my distance” than completing endless half marathons.  However, the half is very near and dear to me so I would like to run at least one half this year and PR the heck out of it.  My sweet Boston friend Christine have sent novels to each other discussing plans for this.  If it happens, it happens.  If not, then I’ll still be alright.

3.  Complete one training cycle  I’m notorious for not following a training plan.  I’ll focus on cross training and let cardio be my training.  Yeah, that doesn’t make up for mileage on my legs.  This year I would like to complete a whole training cycle and stick to the plan.  A fellow Knoxville runner, Brittney has been very sweet in taking two training plans we both liked and formulating them into one.  I’m so grateful for her and so glad that her and her husband are on board with training together.

4.  Participate in a run streak  The San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors have a Facebook group that we all post in to share cool things about the running community.  One of my fellow ambassadors posted the idea of a 2013 run streak.  I willingly agreed.  The only rule is that you run at least one mile per day.  This is probably highly unrealistic in some ways, but I’m gonna give it a shot and see where it goes.  Again, we shall see.

5.  800 miles  This doesn’t seem crazy does it?  I’m just getting back into being a (slow) runner and trying to get faster.  By my standards, that is.  I truly believe that with my half marathon training in conjunction with hard effort then I could make this happen.  Who knows, I may surpass this.

6.  Run or volunteer one race every single month.  This one is definitely doable.  Although I probably won’t do a race every month, there is no excuse for not being out there volunteering.  Working a race is so fun and you meet so many new people.  Getting to see a different side of the racing scene is also a perk.  Really hoping to make this happen this year.

7.  Hit goal weight  My ideal weight would be below 200.  While 199 isn’t my ultimate goal and I don’t plan on stopping there, it is where I would be comfortable at for a while and comfortable with maintaining.  In 2013 I wanna say See Ya Never to the 200s and get the heck out of dodge.  Let’s do it.

These are the things I will be working towards in 2013.  I may accomplish one of them and I may accomplish all of them.  Regardless, I will be proud of myself and proud of the efforts I make in getting there.  No disappointment allowed in 2013.

4 thoughts on “2013 Running Goals

  1. I just got under 30 minutes with my 5k this past year!
    My goal this year is to concentrate on improving my longer run times! I want 2:15 PR in my half marathon so bad! I would love under 2 hours, but I will pace myself!
    This year my mileage goal was 600 and I have surpassed it! So next year’s goal will definitely be higher!
    I love a good training plan, I need it to keep myself focused and centered on the goal at hand!
    These are great goals, good luck Kelsey!

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