Group Fitness Classes and CrossTraining

When I was a part of the Biggest Winner Marathon Weight Loss team, we had free access to an amazing local gym.  Many days I could be found taking as many as four group fitness classes in one day.  I know, right?  Ain’t no one got time for that!  That was back when I had an easier school schedule, had more free time, and didn’t have major responsibilities.  But group fitness classes worked for me and served as an incredible source of cross training. Plus, I genuinely enjoyed every second of them.  Sure, I would do my personal training sessions and do my runs/walks, but my passion was for group fitness.  Since then, I have been to very few group fitness classes.  I rarely cross train and if I so happen to, then it is the class I teach in the community during the week or it is a hike I take with my boyfriend.  Not so great in terms of the inches accumulating all over my body.  I am fortunate enough to live on campus at school and have an extremely nice student rec center that is beyond state of the art.  But this semester has given me a little bit of free time on random evenings each week and has made my schedule compatible with one of my best friends from college.  Last week we checked our schedules and checked the group fitness class schedule for the rec center and decided to try a step class.

Step is a high intensity workout where you literally never stop moving.  The instructor might give you a “break” but the break still consists of constantly moving your feet on and off the step.  There were lots of fellow females there to get their step on as well.  Although Step class kind of hurts my knees and shins in addition to the repetitiveness being slightly boring, I still love the intensity it gives. Jessika did it with me and we had such a good time laughing at ourselves mess up and complaining over how sore we were going to be the next day.  I left class sweaty and feeling like I was on top of the world.

step, step, step it UP.

step, step, step it UP.

Last school year, I was on the university’s rowing team.   We spent a lot of time during practice on the ERG mastering our technique and building strong bodies.  Last night, I met up with Jessika and we did the ERG.  Jess had never done it before so I spent some time showing her some basic moves, then we rowed.  We did five 1000 meter splits then ended with a 500 meter sprint.  The callouses from last rowing season have already turned into blisters.  Rowing is a fantastic full body workout.  There were times when a conversation just wasn’t possible since my breathing was so hard.  Again, we both left feeling sweaty and high on exercise.

feel that burn of the ERG

feel that burn of the ERG

After realizing we could only do one fitness class this week, we opted for the 7:30 spin class this morning.  One thing that just does not describe me is a morning workout person.  I prefer to workout in the afternoon or even at night.  Mornings and working out just aren’t part of my jam.  But I dragged myself out of bed this morning knowing that I had someone waiting on me to work out with.  When I got to the TRECS, Jess was already there sweating up a storm on the stairmaster.  Suddenly I felt guilty for not wanting to come.  We took Spin and worked our behinds off.  The music was killer and the instructor was so on point.  We did various combinations of sprints, climbs, and intervals.  My kind of morning.  I thought I would be tired throughout the day but really it just gave me more energy.  Spin is one of my favorite classes minus the ridiculous seats that get all up in your lady parts.

proudly rocking the back row

proudly rocking the back row

This has been a great week of trying some group fitness classes, dabbing the cross training, and getting my butt in gear.  I feel 100 times better just by doing these classes and rowing.  It really helps to have someone do it all with you.  I’m so grateful for a friend like Jess.  She has motivated me to work hard and to chase my dreams with a reason behind it.  She is in ridiculously good shape with probably explains why we met in an exercise class last year.  Who would have thought we would be workout partners?  Next week we are going to try some Jillian Michaels workout DVDs and see where we get with that.  Getting excited about things to come.

fit friends are the best kind of friends

fit friends are the best kind of friends

Do you like group fitness classes?  Which one is your favorite?  Have you ever used a rowing machine?  Do you have a workout buddy or do you fly solo?

11 thoughts on “Group Fitness Classes and CrossTraining

  1. I love good ‘ol fashion, old-school step-classes!! And keep it up with the spin class, I promise you over time your hiney will become “tough” enough and it won’t hurt as bad! 😉

  2. I *love* group fitness classes! I’m not much for spinning, but my gym offers all the Les Mills classes and they are a blast. I’ve met a lot of new friends in group fitness classes, so I definitely think its a great way to meet new workout buddies

  3. I never use to be one for fitness classes though I really love the yoga class I’ve been in for about a year (different sessions) and I enjoyed the Zumba classes. Unfortunately, the zumba is at the local rec center where the parents drop their kids off. Last winter I went there and managed to pick up a germ/illness. I haven’t been back to the rec center. Have I mentioned I’m a germaphobe?

    • I’ve never been much of a yoga person but always admire those who go to the classes. Being a germaphobe is almost something to be proud of in today’s society seeing how everyone is always so sick!

  4. I just found your blog because you liked one of my photos on instagram, and I gotta say — Wow girl! You’re my hero and I think new favorite person. 🙂 I look forward to seeing more posts and reading more of your blog! Thanks for the inspiration and great writing!

  5. you look great in your pics K! i’m loving flywheel (spinning) right now since I can’t run. And i love pilates and yoga too. i like going with other people-but dont’ mind the alone time either 🙂

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