Struggles and Spinning

Last night I went to the grocery store.  That old saying about never going to the grocery store actually is quite true.  I was due a good meal so walking in and seeing the Girl Scout cookies sure was tempting.  After making it inside the store, delicious fudge, croissants, cookies, and decorated cakes were waiting for me.  Sure, they looked good and my belly was rumbling, but they just weren’t worth it.  Going to the grocery store used to be (and still is) a major source of binge trigger.  I ended up finding some PopChips and went ahead and munched on them while making my rounds through the aisles.  Don’t worry-I did pay for them.  One thing that is hard for me is how the candy aisle is always on sale.  The Hershey bars make every effort to jump in my cart and the Reese’s Cups remind me of a taste that used to satisfy my emotions.  I took a picture, and I continued on feeling triumphant for not giving into the struggle of temptation.

why does it look so tempting?

why does it look so tempting?

This morning I awoke earlier than I would have like to meet Jess at the gym for an early morning spin class.  Going to the gym for classes isn’t something I enjoy doing solo so having someone to meet me there makes it much more enjoyable in addition to holding me accountable.  Unfortunately I got on a crappy bike and finally gave up on it about twenty minutes in and switched bikes.  After I switched, my workout was way more bearable.  The sweat poured from every inch of my body and my lady parts were on fire.  After a good 45 minutes of hard work I felt great about the class and was glad that I got up and did it.  Reminded me that sweating is better than sweets!

sweaty sweaty sweaty

sweaty sweaty sweaty

Hope you all are having an awesome Tuesday!  It is really rainy here in Knoxville.

8 thoughts on “Struggles and Spinning

  1. Love that phrase! “Sweating is better than sweets!” Definitely need to share that with others. Way to stick to your plan even though it was hard. You will reach your goals!

  2. I hear ya! I do my best to only stay on the “outside” of the grocery store. The “good foods” are usually on the outer lanes and the processed/bad stuff is in the middle. I do have to go to the canned stuffed for beans, but try and skip the rest (read this in a magazine years ago and it has helped me a ton!).

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