Hiking: Abrams Falls

When I go home from school on weekends, they are usually jam packed.  Saturday is my day to get any and all errands in as well as try to squeeze in some fun.  Usually my boyfriend and I do an outing on Saturdays.  Each week is different but this past weekend we chose to go on a hike.  In the past, we have usually done the same hike to Spruce Flats Falls but since the weather was in the mid 60s, we decided to venture out a little further and try a trail that we have both done in the past, just never together.

After filling up with gas and loading up our Camelbaks with water, we hit the road to drive to Abrams Falls, located directly in the heart of Cades Cove.  The trailhead was littered with cars so we knew we would be seeing quite a few people on the hike.  The trail is rolling and you go up and down consistently.  This was a relatively shorter hike, only 2.5 miles in one direction, making it 5 miles for the day.  We got to the waterfall in a little under an hour which was great timing since we stopped a lot for other hikers, to catch our breath, etc.

We made it to the falls and took some pictures, stuck our fingers in the cold river, and I watched as TJ climbed to the top.  It was great to see so many people out hiking and enjoying the strangely perfect weather.  I barely broke a sweat on this hike thanks to low humidity and perfect temps, but I still got in a workout.  It was a great time to just enjoy time with each other, enjoy the weather, and manage to do a fitness related activity as a couple.

Abrams Falls

Abrams Falls

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