Happy Happy Happy

That’s my mood right now.  Riding high and feeling happy happy happy.  Yesterday was a great day.  I woke up before my alarm went off feeling completely rested and ready to tackle my day.  I was able to get some work done before going to my classes.  During the middle of my day I had a slight break and got to chit-chat with Jess.  Girl time is always needed by the time Thursday rolls around.  Earlier this week I had a major research exam and did not feel confident about it but yesterday our teacher handed back our scores and I made second highest in the class.  Overachiever, much?  My therapy session yesterday was fantastic and we were able to focus on things to do instead of binge eating.

After I left therapy I was itching to do something.  A workout wasn’t really appealing to me so I headed over to Old Navy to see if they had any sales going on for their workout gear.  I found an amazing workout top that is so nice and breezy and is the perfect shade of purple.  Lucky for me it was on sale.  There was also another shirt that I went to look for that Brittney had told me about.  Unfortunately there were only smalls available and black was the only color.   A little bummed out, I headed to the dressing room.  Low and behold wouldn’t you know it that there in the dressing room I walked into there was the exact shirt I had wanted, in my size, AND in pink.  It was so meant to be.  I got so excited and texted Brittney to tell her and sure enough she had the same shirt on her body at that moment!  That is an activewear miracle.

i got this bad boy in purple

i got this bad boy in purple

Leaving Old Navy, I decided to drive to the greenway and try to get in at least 3.14 miles in since everyone else in the running world seemed to be doing the same thing for Pi Day.  I walked the majority of it and every so often I would run for .25 miles.  I ended up doing around a mile of running and walked the other 2.25, bringing me to a solid 3.25 miles for the day.  Not much by a lot of standards, but it is the first time I logged some miles in a non race format in quite some time.

what's up, gimpy ring finger?

what’s up, gimpy ring finger?

My day ended on a high note when I was able to have a phone date with my all time favorite running/lifestyle blogger, Christine.  It was so fun to hear her authentic Boston accent and get to talk to her in real life on the phone.  The fact that the internet can bring so many people from all over the country together still amazes me.

It is Friday and I’m so pumped about the weekend being here.  I’m going to relax and enjoy some time off.  Just one more week before my last spring break as a college kid.

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