Hittin’ the Track

On the day of my 22nd birthday, I woke up much earlier than I would have liked.  I was feeling rather sad based upon the Boston events that had just happened the previous day.  But I woke up and met Jess at the track.  Our plan was to run 2.2 miles to celebrate my 22nd, but we also ran with the intention of remembering those in Boston.

so thankful to have a friend who will run for Boston with me.

so thankful to have a friend who will run for Boston with me.

We decided to alternate running each lap, so we walked the first one, ran the second, walked the third, and so on.  It felt really good to just run.  My legs felt light and my breathing wasn’t completely terrible.  We got to chat about the craziness of Marathon Monday and talk about future running goals.  After doing eight laps (two miles), we decided to run the very last lap for time.  When I was rowing, I could consistently bust out a 1:47/400.  Doesn’t sound fast to most, but for me, it was really working hard and leaving it all out there.  That day we were able to run it in 2:13.  Not as quick as I used to be, but just enough to really make me feel good.  That one 400 really made me miss weekly morning track workouts and I’m really hoping to be able to incorporate some regular track session parties into my training soon.

2.2 track miles

2.2 track miles

Speaking of training, I am still working on a training plan.  I’ve decided to give the half marathon distance a break and focus on shorter distances.  It is embarrassing to me that this time last year I could run 8 miles without stopping and feel great and now I can barely make it a quarter of a mile without stopping.  I’m still tinkering with ideas and stuff but I’m leaning more towards the Couch to 5k program.  We will see, and I’ll be sure to update here once I make a final plan.

5 thoughts on “Hittin’ the Track

  1. I love the Couch 2 5K program and find it is a great way to get back to running 3 miles easily. Best of luck to you – you can (and will) do it!

  2. Couch to 5K is my plan…I have a weekly email thing with my friends locally and some twitter friends. DM me your email if you want to join us… we are all at different parts of the program. I would love to be able to run 8 miles without stopping! Jealous!!

  3. Great day for your birthday. I can I have no recollection of my 22nd birthday! (and I wasn’t drinking, birthdays just weren’t/aren’t a big deal in the family).

    Sympathize with your memories of running last year being different than this year. Last year it was so gorgeous, warm too quickly, etc and it was easy to et out and run in early mornings. This year is the opposite of that! Last year I had already done a full and was working on a half and this year I’ve bailed on a half and I’m doing RUNNING WITH THE COWS in a few weeks (Thanks to your post last year!)

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