Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet and Giveaway

Last August when I ran Hood to Coast, Endorphin Warrior gave our runners a Warrior Training Bracelet.  Each bracelet has a word or phrase on it that represents healthy living and positive thinking.  When I was a rower at Tennessee, our team chant was “Relentless Today, Fearless Tomorrow”.  The word relentless always stuck out to me and I was constantly striving to attain that attribute in my life so I chose to have RELENTLESS on my bracelet.  There are so many other inspiring phrases like fearless, believe, courage, and even some that have the half and full marathon distances on them.  Choosing a phrase was the hardest part.   endorphin

Let me also say that I am usually not a big fan of jewelry because usually it tends to be flashy and gaudy, but this bracelet is so neutral that I can wear it in day-to-day life or even add it to a wrist stack if I’m wearing something other than spandex type clothing.  The plate that the phrase is inscribed on is made of nickel, so you could sweat on it or swim in it all you wanted and it would still never rust or tarnish. I have worn it almost everyday since leaving Hood to Coast and I often get compliments on it and people ask where I got it from.   The best part about it?  Only 20 bucks!  I’ve had my eye on quite a bit of “running” jewelry here lately but they all usually run (no pun intended) at least fifty bucks, and to me that is not worth it.

Wearing my Endorphin Warrior bracelet is sort of a fashion statement, but it is also a reminder.   I love looking down during the day and seeing the word relentless and being reminded to persevere and to not give up on my fitness goals.  I have to use my hands to reach for chips and cookies but when I reach out and see my bracelet on my wrist, then I slowly back away.  It definitely is a great reminder.

my bracelet and my wrist

my bracelet and my wrist

After being so in love with this bracelet, I contacted the owner of Endorphin Warrior, Eric, to let him know.  He was so kind and encouraging and I could really tell how much he loves what he does and how much he stands behind his product.  I asked if I could host a giveaway for my readers and he emailed back right away and was so generous and was so happy to offer a training bracelet to one lucky reader!  So here’s the nitty gritty of the giveaway:

What: An Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet of your choosing

How: Go visit their website then comment here telling me a cool fact about yourself and which word or phrase you would select if you won.

When: You have until midnight on May 10 to enter.  A winner will be chosen using random.org

Additional entries: You can earn additional chances to win by liking Endorphin Warrior on Twitter (@EndorphnWarrior) or sharing the giveaway on your blog or Twitter (my twitter handle is @thegogirlblog)  All additional entries are optional.

Thanks to Endorphin Warrior for allowing me to share in this exciting opportunity for y’all. I may have been provided this bracelet at no cost, but I would not hesitate to spend 20 bucks to purchase it for myself and I was offered a bracelet to give to one lucky reader at my own request.  All these wonderful thoughts are of my own free will.  Happy training, y’all.  

21 thoughts on “Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet and Giveaway

  1. Umm I love that and totally would get the Relentless one too! Fun fact…we are having Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ for our rehearsal dinner and that can totally be accredited to the fact that I finally tried it for the first time with you!

  2. I’d have to go with the BELIEVE bracelet. This isn’t a cool fact about me, but the reason I would choose that, is my Mother-In-Law passed away a little over a week ago, and it would be a great reminder of her every time I would wear it. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  3. I’m torn between “Unbreakable” and “Conquer”. Either would be fantastic! Fun fact: I love my job! I’m currently in Liberia for work (Africa, not Costa Rica!)

  4. Hi Kelsey! I would pick “persevere” or “courage” mostly because I need to have courage and persevere through tough times and work out even when I don’t want to. Fun fact: My prom was at Liberace’s manson.

  5. Hey there. I’d definitely pick “believe”. I used to suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. It still gets me now and then, but I learned that I have to believe in myself and know that I can handle more than I realize. I believed in myself and I sang a solo in a musical. I believed in myself and I got off of my anxiety meds. I believed in myself and I had a baby. I believed in myself and I lost 30 pounds (I’ve also run four 5Ks so far). I also remember to believe in my husband, because he is my best friend and life partner. We are a great team. P.S. I also love the “Believe” message that Macy’s portrays concerning Santa every year. I mean, come on. That’s adorable.

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  7. I would pick believe just because I think we all could believe in ourselves a little more! Fun fact: I LOVE Chevy’s salsa!

  8. I guess I would have to say I would choose BELIEVE. Is it a fun fact that just ran my 15th halfmara since 2011? OR is it more fun to tell you that sometimes on my long runs i sing along (and get crazy looks from people who are going by if I dont see them and my tunes are blazing??) I believe that running saved me (i think many of us feel that way!). I believed I could so i got off the couch. That believe got me going to try farther. Keep believing always and you get there. You may not get there first, or fast, but the feeling you get is the most amazing feeling EVER!

  9. I want WARRIOR. At my best and at my worst, I’m a fighter. It’s who I am deep down. The trick to living the best kind of life is turning your nature toward the good. It’s a struggle every day, but it’s worth it and it keeps life interesting!

  10. id def want either the breathe or as i walk…I am beginning to train for my first 5k and as i walk sound alot like me atm!

  11. If I won, I’d choose the “Persevere” Bracelet. I would give it to my Mom. She had quadruple bypass surgery on her 50th birthday. After that, she got her weight under control for a while, then went back to her old eating habits and also stopped exercising. After ten years of that, she joined Weight Watchers earlier this year, and is working hard to get healthy again. I am so proud of her!!!!

  12. I’ve always admired the Endorphin warrior bracelets and I love the style (some running jewelry is just too schmancy for me). ‘Persevere’ is what I would choose, because the mind games with running are something I always struggle with (don’t give up/give up/push through/don’t push through) and have to persevere through. But also because it’s a word that reminds me of her mom Today is her birthday, but she passed away on April 2. She persevered through every set back given her–including dealing with having her mobility taken away from her (she was wheelchair bound for the last two-ish years) and beating a leukemia diagnosis (just a week before she died, the cancer docs said they didn’t want to see her for another two years–until the 10 year diagnosis mark).

    So not exactly a cool fact about me, but my mom was a very cool lady 🙂

  13. I would pick Focus or Persevere. A fun fact about me is that I am scared of cats. The “fun” of this fact is that my friends all think it’s funny and email me cat things ALL THE TIME.

  14. Great giveaway! I would definitely choose “conquer”. As a foster parent I’ve been honored to watch so many foster kids conquer their life circumstances. When I run, I am often inspired by their determination, reslience, and ability to overcome.

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