It’s Gonna Be May

Hellloooo May.  Although it is no longer my birthday month, I have welcomed May with open arms.  I shared a giveaway with y’all yesterday but other than that, it has been a while since I have written here.  So I apologize in advance if this post is just nothing but a Thursday ramble with lots of stream of consciousness writing.

I usually would not be caught dead without some sort of no-slip headband on.  I’m partial to the skinny sparkle ones from BICband but also love the SweatyBand brand.  But really, I love any headband that doesn’t slip and keeps my hair out of my face.  My sweet Momma found a headband site called RazzyRoo and ordered me an awesome Boston Strong headband to wear.  It came in two days and I was so excited to wear it.  After posting a photo of it to Instagram, a few ladies asked me where I had purchased it and even ordered one for themselves.  Lots of Boston love going around lately.   bostonstrong

This past weekend I was the director of a local 5k here in Knoxville.  This was my second year directing the Dogwood Classic 5k and it was even more fun this year.  We had a 100 percent chance of rain forecast but my prayers worked and the rain began to pour literally as the last runner left the parking lot to go home.  I was so thankful to have so many volunteers come out to support me and support our runners.  We needed lots of people to help with our 500 runners but thank the Lord Tennessee is the Volunteer State and we had a surplus.  My friend Brittney drove over an hour just to help out and while we were waiting we got to talking about next year’s marathon and basically came to the executive decision that next year her, her husband, I, and an unknown person are going to do the four person relay event.  It is the shortest event you can do while still getting a medal. Sign us up.   volunteers

Speaking of next year’s marathon, marathon season has finally winded down.  We had a great volunteer party at Calhoun’s and our race director presented the staff with great plaques for all of our hard work.  This weekend he is taking us to a really popular Italian restaurant to feed us for being so diligent to get through race season.  Most of us do it for the food, right?  trophy

The weather has been so crazy lately.  It will be mid-80’s and sunny one day then high-40’s and rainy the next.  I’ve been taking advantage of the sunny and hot days and even went for my first swim of the season.  No matter how hot it is outside, the river will always be cold.  Brrr.

river recovery

I hope all of y’all are enjoying May so far and that the weather is cooperating for you wherever you may be at.

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