I’m a College Graduate

I’ve always been one of those kids who loved school.  Does that make me a nerd, a Mathlete, or an overachiever?  No, but it has definitely paid off for the past twenty-two years.  I was fortunate enough to go to an extremely small and close-knit elementary school where learning was encouraged and teachers were able to give individual attention due to class size.  Hey, George W. Bush even came to visit our school when I was a fourth grader.

My middle and high school days were filled with taking honors classes, dipping my hands in basketball, track & field, and golf, plus trying to be in as many clubs as possible.  I graduated high school with the 19th highest GPA out of 427 seniors.  Not too shabby for a small town kid.

Thanks to my hard work, I was fortunate enough to continue my education in pursuit of a college diploma.  Not many kids from where I live do go on to college.  I attended a private liberal arts college my freshman year and was on the golf team.  I soon discovered that small school life just was not for me and as a result I adopted poor study habits and bad decision-making skills.  Following freshman year, I decided to go to community college rather than take “time off”.  I was able to get back on my feet, work hard, and then I transferred to my alma mater, the University of Tennessee.  UT became home sweet home and I loved the feel of a huge school, especially an SEC with a copious amount of school spirit.  At UT, I worked very hard in taking a maximum number of hours and even a session of summer school to make sure I would have a diploma in the four years since I had graduated high school.  All my hard work paid off and I was able to walk in the spring graduation although I still have to take a class this summer to complete my major so my diploma date won’t officially arrive until August.  But, I did what every college student dreams of.  I walked.

UT hosted a number of activities for seniors iy.n the week leading up to graduation.  Monday night was the senior reception for those graduating in my major.  Tuesday was Aloha Oe, a night for all seniors at the university.  It was cap and gown attire and we even got to process in which made it like an informal graduation.  Condredge Holloway, the first black quarterback in the SEC, spoke to us and had everyone laughing.  The ceremony ended with  a reception of Hawaiian food.  Then of course graduation came and I was so happy to have so many family and friends up in the stands yelling for me when I proudly walked across the stage.  Following graduation, my family went to fill our bellies with a breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Perfect end to a college career.

This fall, I will be starting graduate school where I will obtain my Master’s of Education and become certified to teach high school English in 18 months.  Lots of fun headed this gal’s way.

Here are some photos of graduation week.  Thanks for reading!  And if you know anyone hiring, send them my way!

my sweet Momma and I at the reception held for students in my major.

my sweet Momma and I at the reception held for students in my major.

My daddy and I at the Aloha Oe ceremony.

My daddy and I at the Aloha Oe ceremony.

the cap I wore for graduation.  Had to throw in a blog plug.

the cap I wore for graduation. Had to throw in a blog plug.

my handsome fella.

my handsome fella.

my best friend Ashley and I after many many years of friendship.

my best friend Ashley and I after many many years of friendship.

what up, real world?

what up, real world?

18 thoughts on “I’m a College Graduate

  1. Congratulations! I had no idea that you are going to be an English teacher! That’s what I do! I have taught every grade level in secondary Language Arts (except for 10th and 11th grades). In 18 years of teaching, I would say that 8th graders are my favorite. This year is rapidly coming to a close, and I am getting teary eyed just thinking about my “kids” going to high school next year…Well, sorry for the rambling, but glad to have an awesome new English teacher joining the ranks!!!!

    • Paige! I had no idea that you were a high school English teacher. I knew you taught, but somehow missed what grade/subject you taught! 8th graders are a lot of fun and they are in the perfect transition in their lives. I personally hope to get older high school (11th and 12th) and really enhance their writing skills and hopefully really teach them to love literature. Wishful thinking, I know! Yay for being fellow English teachers. By next year we can be swapping stories 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an awesome accomplishment! Your education is something that can never be taken away from you! Kudos to you for going to be an English teacher—that and history were my least favorite subjects. 🙂 Also—love the dresses you are looking good in! Where did you get the one that you are wearing in the picture with your mom?

    • Thank you so much, Samantha! You are so right-nothing could ever take away an education. I’ve found that usually people either love math/science or love english/history but never both. Too funny! And I got both my orange dress and the dress I was wearing with my Momma at Ross (not sure if you have one in your area; it is a sister store of Marshall’s and TJ Maxx). Have a great day!!

      • Congrats! I also love that dress you are wearing in the picture with your mom – I’m going to have to try to find one for myself!

  3. You look amazing! Part of me hates that orange dress because I went to Vanderbilt, but I have to admit that it is adorable. But those sandals! Love!

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