No shoes and negative splits

I would definitely consider myself Type-A.  While I may not be completely over the top about it, I still like to have my ducks in a row on most occasions.  However, lately I’ve been horrible about misplacing things.  My most important misplacement as of late has been my running shoes.  While on vacation, I threw away the Asics I have worn for the past year or so due to them having holes in them, the soles wore out, and them being unbearably smelly.  But I had some brand new Asics (the last of my favorite discontinued model) waiting for me when I returned but cannot for the life of me remember where I put them.  After going through every box I brought home from college, they still haven’t shown up.

For National Running Day I really really had the urge to hit the track.  I figured I could do some 400s and walk a little bit and call it a day but I didn’t have any darn shoes.  What is a girl to do?  While I know it isn’t recommended to run in shoes that aren’t “fitted for you”, I was desperate and ended up wearing my casual day to day Nikes.  Turns out running in regular shoes brought me a ton of luck out on the oval.  I did a warm up lap of walking then did 4X400 repeats with a lap of walking in between each one.  While the repeats were not fast by most standards, I was extremely pleased to run each lap faster than the previous.   track

             Check out the splits:

Lap 1: 2:28
Lap 2: 2:21
Lap 3: 2:16
Lap 4: 2:09

Like I said, not extremely fast but I was very pleased with my effort on a hot morning with no running shoes.  It was a fantastic way to celebrate National Running Day and just the reminder I needed that I am in fact a runner.  This week I will return to the track and see if I can keep up with these splits.

sweaty mess.

sweaty mess.

How did you celebrate National Running Day?  Have you ever misplaced your running shoes?

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