Brooks, Bedazzled, Bras, and Batting

Wow, that sure is a lot of B words!  If you read yesterday’s post about me throwing away my last pair of used running shoes while misplacing my new pair then you should know that this girl needs some running shoes.  While I do love my beloved Asics, my favorite model has been discontinued.  Add that to the fact that the last time I was fitted was about three years ago then it probably means it was time for a new fitting anyway.  So, I went to the local Fleet Feet and got refitted for shoes and to my surprise they put me in a pair of Brooks.  Lots of people I know run in Brooks but I was so set in my way with Asics that I had never even put them on my radar. Hallelujah they are God’s gift to my feet.  Took them for a test spin at the track this morning and was able to comfortably run 2 400s.  Actually, the first 400 was at 2:08, making it faster than my fastest 400 last week.  I finished my second 400 in 2:01, barely shy of having a 1 in front of it.  Maybe it is the shoes, just saying.  But they fit like a glove and are so cushiony and soft and supportive.  I cannot wait to break them in.

new kicks.

new kicks.

Has anyone ever lifted weights at the gym and noticed that sometimes the dumbbell and barbell hurt your hands?  I must be a wimp because my hands always end up hurting.  So, to combat that, I found a pair of weight lifting gloves someone gifted to me some time ago.  They are totally bling blingy and draw attention but they help my hands to not hurt and still remain an accessory.  What do you think?  No eye rolling allowed.   bedazz

Today was a huge milestone for me at the gym.  The thing is, it didn’t happen inside the gym, it happened inside the locker room.  I’ve always been one of those girls who changes in the bathroom stall and wouldn’t dare change out in the open.  Well, this morning I changed openly in the locker room without taking refuge in a small stall. There were maybe like 3 other girls in there so it probably wasn’t as big of a deal as it would have been had there been a dozen girls, but it was a big step.  I may not be 100 percent confident with what I see in the mirror, but I’m no longer ashamed.  In fact, today while lifting weights in my “private room”, I took off my tank top because it got too heavy and worked out with my sports bra, compression shorts, and Norts.  My goal for the end of summer is to actually run outside looking like this and not give a care what anybody has to say about it or how people look at me.   I have on high compression shorts in this photo.  My stomach is nowhere near that flat.  noshirt

And finally, batting.  This past weekend my handsome boyfriend and I went on a cheap date to the dollar movie.  We saw Oz which I totally loved.  Across the street there is a big fun center that has batting cages so we headed over to hit some balls.  I played ball when I was younger and it was good to see that I haven’t lost my touch.  Also, maybe it is a fat airplane arm, but my arm looks muscular.  Maybe not.  I think it does.   batting

What running shoes do you run in?  Do you wear weight lifting gloves?  Ever ran in just shorts and a sports bra?  What is your idea of a fun and cheap date?

9 thoughts on “Brooks, Bedazzled, Bras, and Batting

  1. I think you look genuinely good in sports bra/shorts. I’ve only run in a sports bra twice and I felt very self-conscious but also kind of bad*ss!! Are you in SF this weekend? I’ll be at the blogger meet up if so.

  2. Yup, same thing happened to me this year, Asics changed the model that I love and it didn’t get good reviews. I went to the the running store and came out with Brooks. Not totally in love with them, but they have seen me through 2 half marathons already.
    I wear gloves too and now am totally jealous of your blinged our pair!
    Mega props for finding your your confidence and being comfortable with who you are in the moment! You look great, and yes, I do see that arm muscle!

  3. You look great! Keep it up!

    I run in Newton’s. Like your experience with the Brooks, it was love at first.. run. I don’t have any weight lifting gloves, but I do get a lot of tenderness in my palms, so I’ve definitely thought about it.

  4. omg, i love you. I don’t even have the confidence to share a pic of me in my sports bra and shorts. and i definitely wouldn’t go running. you are such an inspiration! (i will most likely never run without a shirt on-feel like too much of my “girls” are being shown off and bouncing!) and the gloves for the weights are too cute 🙂

  5. Way to be confident! You look great!

    I’ve never run in a sports bra and shorts before, and I don’t know that I ever will. I’m pretty modest… and a sunscreen nazi so I would feel like I was just exposing more of my skin to the sun. HA!

    Definitely see your awesome arm muscles!

  6. Oh, and my absolute favorite shoes are Mizuno Wave Inspires! I have really flat feet, and they keep my feet feeling great!

  7. Yes i have those Brooks! I’ve tried so many others since first being fitted over a year ago and I always go back to them. They’ve gotten me through 13 half marathons so there’s got to be something right with them!

    PS – Loving your pink shorts!

  8. Your arm definitely looks muscular!!!

    I love my Brooks and own more than I care to admit. 🙂

    I am so inspired and proud of you for all the growth you’re making, both fitness wise and personally!! Keep encouraging the rest of us!!!

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