June Review

Maybe it is just because I have been busier than usual, but June sure did fly by!  I always love the first of the month…it is like New Year’s Day, only it is a new month.  It is nice that July starts on a Monday.  New month, new week, ya know?  Yeah.  So let us recap what went down over the past month.

  • I ran a mile without stopping for the first time in five months.  Get you some of that!  And not just once but twice.  Since I had the opportunity to spend every weekday morning in June at the gym, I took advantage on “getting back in shape” and really working hard.  That hard work and effort translated into being able to run harder for longer.  I was able to do my mile test (a huge fear) and pass with flying colors.  Not only did I complete a mile without stopping (twice) but I did it in relatively good time given my current fitness level.   miles
  • I took a CrossFit class.  Getting to step outside the box and try new things was great for my confidence and I was lucky enough to get to attend a fantastic CrossFit class.  I surprised myself with what I was able to do during the workout and was even more surprised that I actually enjoyed it.

    overhead squat

    overhead squat

  • I did a 5k.  Even though I am not in shape like I used to be, I still did a June race and was lucky enough to have my best friend run it with me!  She ran the entire thing without stopping which was her goal and we both got medals.  You can’t beat that.

    We look awesome!

    We look awesome!

  • I gave up the scale.  With the start of summer I said so long to the scale and gave it up until at least Labor Day.  I can already tell a mental difference in the relationship I have with food and the relationship I have with exercise.  I eat to live and don’t live to eat and I am able to exercise without freaking out about a silly little, or big, number.

    it shouldn't be either.

    it shouldn’t be either.

  • I completed the majority of my last undergraduate classes.  I had to take one session of summer school which began the first of June and last until July 3.  I’ve spent the month of June doing group projects, writing and researching for my senior study, and volunteering at events for my event management class.  Two more days and I will officially be done with undergrad.

    what up, real world?

    what up, real world?

Yeah, my life probably seems boring to most, but I am so thankful to have had a perfect June.  This was my last “kid summer” and I am soaking it up.  Bring it on, July!!

10 thoughts on “June Review

    • Hi, Jillienne! I don’t have nearly as many races under my belt as Kelsey, but I just did my first half marathon so I thought I would share my tips in case they might help!

      1. Try out different kinds of nutrition on your training runs. I found that I did not really like any kid of gels, and Clif Shot Bloks are my fave. I also tried PowerBar Blends, but they made my stomach feel awkward. It would have been bad to have found that out on race day.
      2. Find out what kind of nutrition they are giving away at the race stations and try it to see if it works for you – then you won’t even have to buy any or have to carry them while you run!
      3. Train at the time of your race so you can know how your body will react to water/nutrition/everything at that time. That way, you will also know what works best for you to eat before the race and at what time. I always wake up early, eat a banana and some peanut butter and then go back to sleep for an hour before I really have to wake up, plus my food is digested and ready for me to use at race time!
      4. Don’t eat too much fiber before a run. TRUST me. 😉
      5. Wear the clothes you plan to race in on your long runs so you know if they will be comfy and/or will chafe you. That super cute outfit you bought for the big day has to feel good, too. You’re running for 13.1 miles!
      6. Read runner’s blogs to get other tips and just to feel more like a runner and see how others overcome challenges and share in their joy when they do awesome (like Go Girl!). I also love SkinnyRunner, Run Eat Repeat and Hungry Runner Girl.
      7. Have a team for the race. I almost always run by myself, and I like that, but it was really great to have a 4-person team for my first and only half marathon (so far). I ran with one of the girls for most of the race, and it just made the time go by so quickly, and it was so much fun!
      8. Get some anti-chafing lotion or stick. I like the stick better, and I like the ones by Mission Skincare (available on Amazon).
      9. Get fitted for a great pair of shoes – then buy them on Amazon for much cheaper. I buy mine a half size bigger when I get running shoes, and I have all my toenails!
      10. If you get blisters on your feet, get Mission Skincare Blister Armour and rub it on your feet before you put on your socks, and it will prevent you from getting any (it worked for me!)
      11. Wear the right undies – I swear by the Body by Victoria No-Show Sexy Hiphugger panties at Victoria’s Secret that are seamless.
      12. Wear compression socks during your long runs and for recovery. They really do make a big difference, and your legs will thank you.
      13. Buy a foam roller … and use it! It’s like a deep tissue massage – it hurts, but it hurts so good and will have you feeling much better for your next long run.
      14. Check out the weather for the race, and be prepared for anything. I always wear a hat when I run because the sun bothers my eyes, but it was pouring by the end of my half marathon so I was extra glad that I had worn one to keep the rain out of my eyes.
      15. My fave workout wear – Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt (pockets for iPod, gels, etc!), New Balance or Nike tops, ProCompression marathon socks (www.procompression.com – get on their Sock of the Month e-mail to get 40% off and free shipping), Columbia Silver Ridge Women’s ball cap, BIC bands or Sweaty Bands for headbands (if I’m not wearing a hat), Moving Comfort sports bras. You can find GREAT deals on workout wear at T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s – that’s wear I get most of my stuff.

      • Wow! I wish I could meet Run Eat Repeat. Lucky you – I even saw you on her blog I think! Awesome!

        Good luck on your race! I’m sure you’ll meet your goal – mine was just to have fun!

  1. Way to go! You’re awesome. Congrats on all of your accomplishments – your dedication and good attitude are truly an inspiration to us all!

  2. Sounds like a great month you had! I like the idea of a no scale summer. Just focus on being your best and how you feel rather than the numbers dictating. And congratulations on finishing your undergraduate degree!! So exciting!!

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